The majority of women going through the menopause want to openly talk about it. Here at Boots, we want to be part of the conversation normalising the menopause. We want to be there for you from the early stages and support you through your physical and emotional changes. Whilst many of you will seek treatment plans from your GP, we also know many of you are looking for natural solutions that work and help you manage your symptoms. 

We understand how overwhelming it can feel to go through various stages of menopause, so we want to prepare you and give ongoing support to help you identify, treat and talk about your symptoms. You can find effective and innovative products such as the menopause test kit, vitamins and supplements to help relieve symptoms and manage the menopause successfully so you can feel great. We recognise that menopause isn't just about wellness and health also beauty solutions so you can also discover products that help your hair, skin, sexual health and more.