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The best electric shavers

Ready to fix up & look sharp this Christmas?

Looking for a great gift for your bearded friend? No, not that bearded friend! Have a scroll through our grotto of groomers and shavers – complete with all the trimmings – and make his Christmas a cut above the rest.

Smooth operator

Series 9000 Wet & Dry Men's Electric Shaver S9211/26  

Help him sculpt the exact look he’s after with this clever shaver, which comes with five flexible heads plus a precision trimmer to get right down into the detail. It’s perfect for a clean, comfortable and close shave.

Hair, stubble, ears & nose…

Braun 9-in-1 MGK5280 Men Beard Trimmer, Body Grooming Kit & Hair Clipper

Beard and hair trimmer? Tick. Ear and nose trimmer? Tick, tick. Body groomer? This one also has a detail trimmer to even out those lines and edges and a mini foil shaver attachment. Oh, and there’s a Gillette razor thrown in, too. Kit him out head-to-toe this Christmas.

Tip-top tech

BaBylissMEN super-XMetal Series 15 in 1 Multi Trimmer 

He can sharpen, sculpt and style with this does-it-all trimmer. Whether he’s styling his stubble, trimming ear and nose hair, or gently removing body hair, this must-have gadget comes with four easily interchangeable cutting heads. What more could he want?

A close shave wet or dry

Remington R6 Style Series Aqua Rotary Shaver  

Speedy or perfectionist, beardy or busy, whatever type of groomer he is, he’ll love this waterproof, cordless trimmer. Packed to the rafters with a stubble styler head guard, dual-track blades and flexing blades, this one comes with a five-minute quick-charge mode that can give enough power for a full shave – fab-yule-ous!

Multi-tasking marvel

Wahl Aqua Blade Multi Groomer 10 in 1

From full haircuts to close shaves, ear and nose trimming to the most precise beard trim – this one’s got it in the bag. There’s 16 guide combs plus a dual foil shaver head, rotary head, and detail head all in one handy pouch, so he’ll never be short of options.

One-stop barbershop

Remington The Works Hair Clipper Gift Pack  

Take care of his cut with this standard-setting clipper set. It has everything he needs to style, including a hair clipper, a battery-operated precision trimmer with stubble comb and a rotary nose and ear trimmer. Good luck getting in the bathroom once he’s unwrapped this one.

The full package

Philips Series 9000 12-in-1 Multigroom Face, Hair & Body with OneBlade MG9710/93 

With 12 (yes, 12!) quality tools, including self-sharpening metal blades, give him the ultimate styling gift this Christmas. Help him trim, edge and shave to his heart’s content with this handy shaver, complete with a handy storage pouch. Hair-y Christmas!

Stylish shaver

Braun Series 9 9390cc Latest Generation Electric Shaver

If all he wants is a flawlessly close shave from a shaver that can be used wet or dry, then this is all his Christmases at once. The five shaving elements capture more hair in one stroke for a clean face. And with 60 minutes of cordless shaving all packed inside a gorgeous leather case, this one’s definitely a wrapper’s delight.

Buying the right shaver isn’t a one-size-fits-all approach. Some people prefer a wet shave with a foil, and others a dry shave with a rotary. If you’re buying for someone else, make sure you know what they use already and if they’re ready for a change.

Find the right shaver

Making the leap from cartridge shavers to electric shavers can seem daunting. Number of blades, attachments, cleaning stands, wet or dry, cords and charging – all will have a slightly different way of shaving, and everyone has their favourite model and make. But whether you’re looking for a shaver to last for the long run or splashing out for a special someone, our guide can help you navigate the options available.

Rotary vs foil blades

Rotary blades are three circular blades that sit on top of an electric shaver. They work by quickly lifting and cutting the hair on the face and neck, and adapt to the contours of the face to give a comfortable shave. By moving rotary razors in a circular pattern, it’s easy to achieve the perfect shave.

Pros of rotary blades

• Work better around the curves of the face

• Better for sensitive skin

• Quieter than foil blades

Foils are blades behind a thin sheet of perforated metal, which move back and forth quickly to allow the blades to cut hair on the skin. Foils give a closer shave than rotary blades but aren’t as good at dealing with the curves of the face. Foils have to be used in an up-and-down or side-to-side motion, to prevent the blades from nicking the skin.

Pros of foil blades

• Give a closer shave

• Better for precision shaping

• Great for daily shaving

Dry vs wet

Some shavers are waterproof, but wet shaving isn’t about shaving in the shower. Wet shaving refers to using shaving gel or foam, as opposed to using a dry shaver directly on the skin. This can be helpful for those with sensitive skin, as it creates a barrier between the blades and the face. However, it can also mean that shavers need cleaning more often or clog up faster.

Dry shavers are perfect for the man who enjoys five extra minutes in bed rather than a long morning routine. They can be done quickly and easily with minimum fuss or mess.

Batteries vs rechargeable ​​​​​​

Although older styles of shavers which only work when they’re plugged in used to be popular, they’re not up to modern-day safety standards. These days when it comes to buying shavers, there’s a choice of cordless battery-operated shavers or mains rechargeable.

Batteries are great for those who travel a lot – they’re small, light, and portable enough to be taken from A to B. The only danger is running out of power halfway through a shave. Fresh batteries can help prolong the life of a shaver, but it can be a pricier long-term solution than going for a rechargeable option if it’s used daily.​

Beard & body shaving

Some like to shave, trim and tweak more than just their facial hair. In this case, a multi groomer is the best tool for the job, as most come with attachments for face, hair and body. Take a peek at our pick of multi groomers.

Attachments & cleaning pods

Shavers will need cleaning more often if they’re used every day to keep them running well.

To clean a shaver, it needs to be turned off and unplugged from the mains charger. First, clear out any trapped hair or dirt. Most models will have a head that comes off, and this is where the stubble is collected. Clearing it out means the shaver will run better, its motor won’t be overheated, and the blades won’t go blunt as quickly.

Next, brush away any dirt from the shaver’s hair pocket, and disassemble the blades if you can. Never brush away dirt from the delicate foils of a foil razor, as this could affect their performance. However, rinsing out the blades with a brush and hand soap is fine.

The three rotary blades can be removed from a rotary model and given a slightly more thorough brushing, washing and cleaning. If the elements of the shaver get wet, let them all air-dry before putting the shaver back together.