Travel Vaccination Service

Providing vaccinations tailored to you & your travel plans​​​​​​​

The Travel Vaccination Service is suitable for people aged 16 & over**. Available in selected stores

Why may I need to be vaccinated?

If you're planning on visiting certain parts of the world, you may need to get some vaccinations before you set off. These can help prevent you from getting many diseases. Many of which that aren't present in Ireland.

While you may have received a number of vaccinations as a child, there may be some extra vaccinations or medicines recommended to help you have a healthy trip.

How can I get my travel vaccinations?

To get your travel vaccinations, you'll need to complete a Travel Health Consultation with your doctor and then book an appointment at a selected Boots store**. You can complete this online* at Health Hero^† (if aged 16 years plus) or at^† (if aged 17 years plus. Excludes rabies vaccine). Your doctor will prescribe travel vaccinations that are best suited to your needs, and also offer general health recommendations for your travels. 

Once you've completed the consultation and a prescription for vaccinations issued, this can be sent to your selected Boots store**. Then it's time to book your appointment in that store. You'll need to pay for your vaccinations, but not until you've attended your appointment. 

Remember, it's important to plan ahead as some vaccinations may be needed several weeks before departure. Ideally, you should try to get your vaccinations six to eight weeks before travelling. If your trip is sooner than six to eight weeks, contact your local Boots healthcare team for further information. 

When completing your Doctor Travel Health Consultation, it's important to know a few key details to help you best understand your risk of getting a disease, and to help the doctor work out which vaccinations and medicines are recommended for you. These include: 

• The countries and regions you'll be visiting
• The activities you'll be doing
• How long you'll be spending in each destination
• Your history of previous vaccinations (if you're unsure of your vaccination history, please check with your GP)

Your age and general health will also affect which travel vaccinations and medicines are suitable for you.

How it works


Have a Travel Health Consultation

Complete your Travel Health Consultation with your doctor. 

You can complete this online if you wish, by clicking one of the links below**^

Online Travel Vaccination Doctor consultation with Health Hero (16 years and over) **^†

Online Travel Vaccination Doctor consultation with (17 years and over. Excludes rabies vaccine)**^†

†By clicking on either of the links above you will be leaving and visiting a site that is operated and controlled by a third party. Boots is not responsible for the content provided by this third party and disclaims liability for any content, advice or services provided by the third party. Any information you provide to the third party site will be collected by that third party and not by Boots, and will be subject to that party’s privacy and security policies.


Book an appointment at Boots


Get your vaccinations at Boots

You'll also be given additional personalised advice to help you stay healthy on your trip.

Price per vaccination‡ (excludes doctor consultation charge^) Usual number of vaccinations required per course Total price per usual vaccination course
Cholera - Dukoral (Oral - price for full course of 2) Not applicable 2 €140.58
Diphtheria, Tetanus & Polio combined - Revaxis €42.83 1* €42.83
Hepatitis A - Havrix €54.40 1** €54.40
Hepatitis A - Avaxim €48.23 1** €48.23
Hepatitis B - Engerix B 20mcg €43.55 3 €130.65
Hepatitis A + Hepatitis B Combined - Twinrix €66.70 1** €66.70
Japanese Encephalitis - Ixiaro €153 2 €306
Rabies BP €74.51 3 €223.53
Tick borne encephalitis - Ticovac €75.38 2 or 3† €226.14
Typhoid - Typhim Vi €39.58 1 €39.58
Meningitis ACWY - Menveo €78.27 1 €78.27
Meningitis ACWY - Nimenrix €68.15 1 €68.15
Prices subject to change. Prices correct as of February 2023. ^Doctor travel health consultation available from €50 (fee varies).
*The primary course of diptheria, tetanus and polio (DTP) is part of the standard childhood immunisation programme in Ireland. If you have received the primary course, you may need a booster of one dose. If you have not received a primary course previously, you may require additional vaccinations.
**Primary course, excludes booster.
†The appropriate dosage regime will depend on travel dates and will be advised during the travel health consultation with your doctor.
‡Due to a worldwide shortage of certain vaccines there may be a problem with supplying certain vaccines at this time. Contact your Boots healthcare team for further information.
What vaccinations are available at Boots?

Vaccinations against the following diseases can be administered as part of our service:

• Cholera (oral)
• Diphtheria
• Hepatitis A
• Hepatitis B
• Japanese Encephalitis 
• Meningitis ACW and Y
• Polio
• Rabies
• Tetanus
• Tick Borne Encephalitis 
• Typhoid

The in-store consultation will take approximately 20 minutes

You'll need to stay in store for around 15 minutes after your vaccination, just in case you have any immediate side effects.


Prices vary depending on vaccination.

Where can I find out more about travel vaccinations & health advice?

It's important to get travel health information from a reliable source. You can find out more information about your travel destination(s), and the vaccination and health advice recommendations for your trip, here. Simply select your country and follow the instructions to check the region and the activities you'll be doing. ​​​​​​​

*Most doctors in Ireland prescribe travel vaccinations, where indicated, following a consultation. Doctor charge applies.

**Administration of travel vaccinations as part of the Travel Vaccination Service requires doctor consultation, and is subject to valid doctor prescription containing administration instruction***, specially trained authorised person, and stock availability. Eligibility criteria and charges apply. Selected stores only.​​​​​​​

Instruction to be included on prescription: Only to be administered by authorised person. Administer in accordance with the Summary of Product Characteristics of the product being administered and the Immunisation Guidelines for Ireland, as published and updated by the National Immunisation Advisory Committee of the Royal College of Physicians of Ireland.

^A separate charge applies for the doctor consultation. Doctor travel health consultation available from €50 (fee varies).

If you provide online travel health consultations and want a link out to your medical practice from this page, send your request in writing, including a link to your online platform, to Boots Ireland at the following email address: . A member of the Boots Ireland team will respond within three working days with further details. 

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