Irish Cancer Society & Boots Partnership

Don't let cancer change who you are. With the right support you can look & feel like you

By partnering with the Irish Cancer Society, we've made help for people living with cancer readily available in selected pharmacies and stores.

Irish Cancer Society & Boots

Boots has worked in partnership with the Irish Cancer Society since 2012, with the aim of increasing awareness, helping support people affected by cancer and promoting cancer prevention.

Both Boots pharmacists and Boots Cancer Beauty Advisors have been given special training to be more comfortable, confident and helpful when providing both medical and emotional support to people living with cancer.

Our trained pharmacists are here to answer any questions you may have about your treatment, or whether you're worried and simply need to chat to someone. Our beauty advisors are trained to give you make-up and skincare advice to help you manage the visible side effects of cancer treatment, so you can start to feel like you again.

We also want carers and loved ones to feel like they're able to get the support they might need through our pharmacies.

Fundraising & donating

If you're keen to get involved there are a number of ways you can do so, like getting behind our annual Boots Night Walk in support of the Irish Cancer Society’s Night Nurses at This is a 5km walk taking place on Friday 9 September 2022, where you can sign up to take part in person at Dublin’s Phoenix Park or virtually by walking together but from afar and start your own fundraising. Or you can simply choose to make a donation. 

Each year Daffodil Day takes place in March and is the charity’s biggest fundraising initiative which sees thousands of volunteers selling flowers and Daffodil Day pins, and organising fundraising events in their homes, local communities and workplaces, with Boots stores also selling Daffodil Day pins. The funds go towards the development of life changing research as well as providing vital cancer support service to cancer patients and their loved ones. 

Boots extended its support for the partnership as the main sponsor of Daffodil Day from 2018 to 2021.

Local Boots stores also hold fundraising events throughout the year and you can make a donation through the till in any of our Boots stores in support of the Irish Cancer Society.

You can also help by:

• Making a one-off or monthly donation online

• Leaving a legacy

Volunteering & raising awareness

Together, Boots and the Irish Cancer Society* want to increase awareness, promote cancer prevention and raise vital funds to support the Irish Cancer Society's services, with all funds raised by Boots going towards the Night Nursing service.

We also support a number of key awareness campaigns throughout the year, including Breast Cancer Awareness Month, Lung Cancer Awareness Month and SunSmart.

Volunteers make it possible for the Irish Cancer Society to reach people affected by cancer, but there's always more to be done. If you want to be a volunteer, you can help in a number of ways, including:

• Helping out at an Irish Cancer Society charity shop

• Become a volunteer driver and bring patients to and from their chemotherapy appointments

• Signing up for Peer Support, the Irish Cancer Society’s one to one  programme where volunteers who had a cancer diagnosis in the past provide emotional and practical support to newly diagnosed patients

Thanks to the efforts of Boots Team Members, customers and patients, so far we've raised €2.5 million for the Irish Cancer Society’s Night Nursing service helping to provide 7,200 nights of care, but there's always more to be done. If you want more information on the Irish Cancer Society and how to help, please visit their website here.

*Irish Cancer Society, registered charity in Ireland (CHY5863). Registered office: 43/45 Northumberland Road, Dublin, Ireland D04 VX65.


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Irish Cancer Society & Boots Partnership

Don't let cancer change who you are. With the right support you can look & feel like you