Online Doctor Service

The quick & easy way to book an online consultation with a doctor, or order a repeat prescription


MyClinic is an Irish-based online healthcare platform offering a range of services, including Repeat Prescription Ordering and GP Video Consultations.

Dr Care Anywhere:

Dr Care Anywhere is an Irish-based digital healthcare platform offering a range of services, including Video and Phone Consultations with GPs, Medical Advice, Referral Letters and Prescriptions.

Single appointments as well as annual individual and family subscriptions are available.

Who's providing this service?

The Online Doctor Service consultations and repeat prescriptions are offered by independent third parties, and not by Boots. By clicking on the link above, you are leaving the Boots website.

Boots does not have any commercial arrangement or rights to share data with these third parties. Cost of online consultation is paid to a third party and is independent of any dispensing costs.

If you do not wish to have a prescription dispensed at a Boots Pharmacy, you may access the Online Doctor Service website directly, and choose another pharmacy.



Visit the Online Doctor website


Book an appointment for an online consultation, or follow the simple steps to order a repeat prescription


If you receive a prescription, chose your local Boots Pharmacy to collect your medication*

Benefits of the Online Doctor Service

• Get an online consultation from the comfort of your home

• Get medical advice and referrals

• Order repeat prescriptions to be dispensed at your chosen Boots Pharmacy for collection*

Online consultations

Online consultations can be used for all non-emergency medical issues where a physical check-up may not be necessary. These appointments can be helpful if your usual GP is unavailable, you don't have time to get to the GP surgery, if you need a prescription, sick note or referral, or if you need advice or diagnosis around everyday illnesses.

Repeat prescriptions

Repeat prescriptions can be requested for many conditions including:

• Acne

• Asthma

• Contraceptive pill and patch

• Cystitis treatment

• Erectile dysfunction

• Hair loss

• High cholesterol


• Malaria prevention

• Period delay

• Premature ejaculation

• Stop smoking

• Strep throat infections

• Thrush treatment

If you provide online doctor consultations and want to link out to your medical practice from this page, send your request in writing, including a link to your online platform, to Boots Ireland at the following email address:

* Cost of dispensed medication will be separate to cost of prescription generation or doctor consultation.