Service available in selected stores only. Please see store list below.

What is the Mole Scanning Service?

While the service doesn’t provide a skin cancer diagnosis, ScreenCancer Dermatology Specialists can help recognise any suspicious moles that may require further examination.

Come in and talk to our specially trained pharmacy advisors if you’re worried about moles on your body. The service is operated by ScreenCancer with assistance from trained members of selected Boots pharmacy teams. 

Who can use the service?

The Mole Scanning Service is available to anyone aged 18 and over. If you’re under 18, we’d recommend you visit your Doctor if you are worried about any particular moles or pigmented lesions.

Unfortunately, we’re not able to scan moles or pigmented lesions that are in the following areas:

• Intimate areas such as genitals, parts of the breasts which are covered by a bra

• Eyelid/s

• Tip of the ear

• Areas covered by an excessive amount of hair

We also can’t scan moles or pigmented lesions that are:

• Wet, open or bleeding

• On a tattoo

• Located directly over a pacemaker

Please visit your Doctor if any of the above exclusions apply to you and you’re still concerned about your mole/pigmented lesion.

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How it works

The Mole Scanning Service has two stages.

Stage 1

A member of your Boots pharmacy team will talk to you in a private consultation room. You’ll need to sign a consent form and complete a short questionnaire, which will help us to assess your risk factors for skin cancer.

You’ll then be asked which mole(s) and/or pigmented lesion(s) you’d like to be scanned. Please do consider that our Boots pharmacy team can’t advise you on which particular moles(s) or pigmented lesion(s) you want to have scanned.

We’ll then use an imaging device to take a scan of your chosen moles(s) or pigmented lesion(s).

Any images or information from the scan will be sent to a ScreenCancer Dermatology Specialist to be analysed.

The consultation will last around 20 minutes.

Stage 2

A ScreenCancer Dermatology Specialist will analyse your scans, looking for signs of malignant melanoma. A report will be sent to you within a week.

If any mole(s) or pigmented lesions(s) are identified as being potentially harmful, a ScreenCancer Dermatology Nurse will get in touch with you to discuss what to do next.

As our bodies are always changing, we can’t guarantee that a mole considered risk-free now may always remain so. This is why it’s important to look out for any changes that may occur to an existing mole/pigmented lesion and to use the ABCDE rule for guidance.

Asymmetry – Irregular shape – the two halves should be symmetrical

Borders – Unclear, irregular or ragged boundaries against normal skin

Colour – Changes in colour – especially black, blue or uneven colours

Diameter – More than 5-6mm in diameter and changes in size

Evolving – Changes in shape, size and colour, itching or bleeding of existing moles, or a new mole

Here are some useful tips to help reduce your risk of developing skin cancer:

• Avoid being in direct sunlight between 11am and 3pm

• Use a sunscreen product that protects you from both UVA and UVB rays and has a SPF of at least 30

• Reapply sunscreen regularly throughout the day remembering to concentrate on areas such as ears, neck, shoulders and tops of your feet

• Wear closely woven fabrics such as cotton that prevent UV light from coming through

• Make sure to put a wide-brimmed hat on your child if taking them out in the sun

• Don’t use sunbeds

• Check your skin every couple of months looking for changes in existing moles or signs of new moles/pigmented lesions appearing

• When checking your child’s body for moles, pay attention to commonly overlooked areas such as the scalp, ears, back, spaces between toes and their lower back

Benefits of the service

• Receive your results within a week
• Book an appointment online
• Collect Boots Advantage Card points

How much does the service cost?*

• €39 for one mole/pigmented lesion
• €19 for each additional mole/pigmented lesion scanned within the same consultation

As we can only scan a maximum of four moles, if you’re worried about any more moles you may have, we recommend you visit your Doctor.
*As the Boots Mole Scanning Service is run by ScreenCancer, the service cost is paid to them.