Boots 24-hour Blood Pressure Monitoring Service

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Did you know half of people with high blood pressure aren't aware they have the condition?

High blood pressure can affect people of all ages but doesn't always have symptoms. If it goes untreated, it may lead to conditions like heart disease or a stroke.

Some people who have a high blood pressure reading at the doctor or pharmacy have a normal reading at home. Monitoring your blood pressure for 24 hours can help work out if it's consistently high.

Our service involves fitting you with a device to wear, which includes a cuff around your arm that will measure your blood pressure for 24 hours.

The service is available at selected Boots pharmacies in Ireland and costs €50.

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How the service works?

1. Routine health questions

To begin with, you'll be asked some routine health questions by a specially trained healthcare advisor, in one of our private consultation rooms.

2. Fitted with a device to wear and a diary to keep

You'll be fitted with a blood pressure monitoring device to wear for 24 hours, including while you sleep. Don't worry, you can still carry on with most of your day-to-day activities while wearing the device and it is unlikely to wake you while you sleep.

The device will record your blood pressure at various points during the day. Each time a reading is taken during the day, you'll need to fill in a diary with what you were doing.

3. Results

You'll return the following day to remove the device and get your results. Your pharmacist will explain the results and refer you to your doctor as necessary.

They will also answer any questions or concerns you may have and give you lifestyle tips and advice to help lower your blood pressure, or keep it at a healthy level.

Do I need 24-hour monitoring?

You might find it useful if you or your doctor suspect you have high blood pressure and you:

  • Have been diagnosed with borderline high blood pressure
  • Take medicines to reduce your blood pressure
  • Experience blood pressure that's hard to control
  • Already live with conditions such as diabetes or high cholesterol, which affect your heart
  • Want to check for Atrial Fibrillation (irregular heart beat). This is checked while measuring your blood pressure

How do I use a blood pressure monitoring device?

When it's time to take a reading, you'll feel the cuff inflate and squeeze your arm as it finds your blood pressure.

  • Sit down and keep your arm completely still
  • For the best reading, rest your arm on a table or other surface and keep it horizontal, at the same level as your heart
  • The monitor might need to take more than one reading if it fails on the first attempt
  • Avoid crossing your legs and speaking during the recording

After the reading has been taken, you'll be able to carry on with your everyday activities.

If you take blood pressure medication, then each time you take it, press the 'pill' button on the device.

Avoid driving, showering or doing vigorous exercise while wearing the device.

Where can I use the service?

This service is available in selected stores. Click here to find the nearest store to you.