SNUFFLEBABE The Snufflebabe Nasal Aspirator is so effective that it is the only aspirator that is also available on prescription. It has won many awards including the coveted Queens Award for Outstanding Innovation. Highly recommended by doctors and parents.

Completely reusable with a useful storage case and 2 filters.

The Baby nose-clear aspirator allows you to safely and naturally clear your baby's nose for clearer breathing, easier feeding and better sleep. Removing excess mucus also helps prevent further complications such as coughs, ear infections and tummy upsets.

Clearing your baby’s nose is especially useful before a feed to help baby latch on and breast-feed more easily. If using a bottle you can also use the innovative Baby nose-clear Vapour–ring which safely holds natural vapour near your baby’s nose during a feed.

If is also useful to clear your baby’s nose before bedtime. We recommend that you use the Baby nose-clear Room Vapour in the room as this has natural decongestant, antibacterial and calming properties and really helps baby’s breathing and sleep, safely from birth.

Infant nasal congestion can be very stressful as babies can become distressed by a blocked nose and have problems feeding. The effect on routines can be unsettling and can this can affect sleep patterns for the whole household. Baby nose-clear is a natural range that helps your little one feel better right from birth.

Clearing breathing, easier feeding and restful sleep. Winner of the Queens Award for outstanding innovation.

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