The different types of sanitary products

It’s no longer just pads & tampons – make way for eco-friendly & organic products, too

We’ve come on quite a lot since the days of using old rags when you’re getting ready for your period to come a ‘knocking. Did you know some women also used to use sheep wool to soak up menstrual blood? Well not anymore. Say hello to a whole range of sanitary products, some may say beyond your wildest dreams. But who needs dreams when reality is just as good? 

Let’s dive right in and take a look at the different types of sanitary products we’ve got to offer…

Say hello to the menstrual cup

A potential new BFF

Menstrual cups have been around for longer than you think (since the 1930s!), but they’re taking their worthy seat in the spotlight right now. A menstrual cup is a silicone sanitary product that you insert into your vagina, ready for your menstrual blood to flow right into. An easy, simple way to reduce your carbon footprint – as one can last for years if you look after it properly. Our new range of menstrual cups are made from 100 percent medical grade silicone and can hold as much as three regular tampons can – wowza!

Like the sound of a menstrual cup but need to know more? No problem – we’ve got everything you need to know about menstrual cups


Potentially your go-to sanitary product

It’s the age old question – should I use a tampon? If you’re new to periods, they probably seem quite scary. Where do you even begin, right? Pros of using a tampon are they offer invisible protection and they allow you go swimming whilst on your period. The only thing with tampons is you shouldn’t keep them in for more than eight hours, so if you’re off out for the day you’ll need more than one with you. 

Eco-friendly tampons

If you’re a lover of using applicator tampons, but you’re worried about the waste (they are plastic after all), then fear not because two brands at Boots have come to your rescue. Flo have created tampons with an eco-applicator that’s made from sugarcane, are 97 percent plant-based and can be recycled. And Dame have come up with a reusable applicator that fits all sizes of tampons, is easy to use and can be used again and again. Is that cheering we hear?

Organic tampons

For a more au-natural option 

Most organic tampons are made from cotton and nothing else – which means the majority are toxin free, healthy for the plant and are just as leak-free as regular tampons, meaning you shouldn’t notice a difference (but your conscience might).

Sanitary pads

Perfect for day & night

So super easy to use, you literally just pop one in your knickers and you’re good to go. So it’s no surprise so many women love using them – especially when you’re first starting your periods and aren’t ready to stick a tampon up there! Sanitary pads are so varied as well; you can get ones to wear at night, long ones, thin ones, odour neutralising ones, winged ones (we could go on). 

Organic sanitary pads

For a natural flow

The average sanitary pad is up to 90% plastic, but with organic sanitary pads you don’t have that problem. Not only that, most organic sanitary pads are also biodegradable which means you don’t have to worry about throwing them away and they’ll work just as good as your average pad.

What sanitary product you choose to use is totally personal and completely your choice. As long as you feel comfortable in what you’re using and feel like you’re in control of your body, then we’re with you.