Tips & tricks to conquer oily skin

When you’re suffering from oily skin, you might naturally gravitate towards a regime that includes harsh scrubs and less moisturising – but halt! A dedicated and well-considered skincare routine should help refresh skin and allow your inner shine to take centre stage instead.

Always cleanse morning & night

Your quest to shine-free skin should start with a cleanser that helps to mattify and purify. Although it sounds unbelievable, the best way to get rid of excess oil is with an oil-based product – oil actually attracts oil. Avoid alcohol-based products because they’ll strip the skin, removing more oil than necessary and ultimately reintroducing shine. Instead, pick out a gentle wash that contains a little salicylic acid that will whisk away the day’s make-up with ease. If you’re battling blemishes, a charcoal-based cleanser will act as a magnet, drawing out impurities. You don’t have to stop at your face either; use the cleanser to wash your back, chest and all other spot-prone areas.

Get the oil-free glow with a great exfoliator

Sweep away make-up residue and persistent excess sebum (pesky oily secretions – yuck!) with an exfoliator that’s non-abrasive and designed especially for slick skin. Look for a product that will provide a matte effect and will unclog pores without over-drying the skin. Encourage clarity and counteract stubborn spots with a vitamin E-packed formula, or opt for an exfoliating toner to encourage that healthy oil-free glow. If you’re time poor and feeling a little lazy, there are some effective ready-soaked pads available. Remember: only exfoliate once a week as over scrubbing can cause broken veins and actually make your skin worse.

Use a face mask once a week

Those with oily skin will sometimes suffer from irritating blemishes. The best way to tackle them is to get into a weekly face mask habit that will help tone down any unwanted face spotlights. Clay-based formulas will pull out impurities, while witch hazel infused masks will act as a natural astringent, tighten pores and help balance out your skin’s appearance.

Make moisturiser your best friend

A good moisturiser for oily skin will remedy a greasy look and encourage healthy, dewy skin that stays hydrated throughout a busy day. Even if your skin is a little slick, you’re almost guaranteed to withstand dry, flaky patches if you decide to skip this step. Opt for an oil-free, mattifying formula that will stabilise skin and control excess oil. Key ingredients such as lemongrass, willow bark extract and vitamin C will soothe skin, calm excess shine and act as a primer base for make-up.

More top tips to live by

Sunscreen should be a daily staple to help protect your skin from UV rays, just make sure it’s an oil-free formula. 

Make sure you always rinse your face after you work up a sweat because your pores can get easily clogged and lead to irritation or spots. Not washing your make-up brushes regularly can also lead to pore-clogging dirt, so stock on some brush cleansers and take a look at how to clean your brushes properly. 

If you’re on the way, you can absorb excess oil and eliminate shine on the spot with a handbag-sized packet of blotting paper. To help combat it in the first place, you should avoid applying heavy liquid foundation and choose powder-based products for a lighter finish.

Now the skincare secrets are out, you’ll be well on your way to banishing oily skin in no time.