If you don’t have either in your make-up bag, you soon will

Baffled by BB and confused by CC? With so many products out there, how can you be sure what’s best for your skin? And let’s not forget consistency, coverage, formula and the look you want to achieve. BB and CC creams are often confused for one another, but we’re here to clear up any confusion and help you pick the right one for your skin's needs – we might even throw in a tinted moisturiser, too.

What is a BB cream?

BB cream is short for beauty or blemish balm and offers light-to-medium face coverage. They’re much lighter than foundations and can provide an array of benefits, like some having added sunscreen to help keep your skin protected. They also help to even out skin tone for a radiant look. Unlike foundation, a BB cream puts your skin first as it’s packed with skincare benefits, whereas many foundations are there to cover up imperfections. The BB cream is known as the ‘it-does-everything’ product, but don’t take our word for it, try it for yourself.

BB cream works best on:

• Dry skin – packed full of moisture, it helps to enhance your complexion and feed any dry areas

• Sensitive skin – both BB and CC creams work well on sensitive skin, so shop around for one that is specifically designed for such needs

• Anti-ageing – just like sensitive skin, both can help (but don’t use them as an alternative to a skincare routine)

So what’s a CC cream?

If BB cream is an acronym, it’s only right that CC is one too. CC cream is short for colour correcting and the name says it all – it helps to cover up anything you want covering, so think discolouration and dullness. Rather than needing a variety of products that all work on different areas (needing a green cream to cancel out red blemishes or yellow concealer for dark bags), the CC cream can take care of it all. This makes them a great all-in-one product for concealing dark spots, redness or hyperpigmentation.

CC cream works best on:

• Oily skin – they’ll prime and conceal making them the perfect match for oily skin

• Skin with blemishes – it’ll help you conceal those areas

• Sensitive skin – just like BB cream, there’s plenty of CC creams specifically designed for sensitive skin

What’s the difference between BB & CC cream?

The only real differences are the texture and finish and depend on what your skin needs, so check back above. CC creams usually offer more coverage than a BB cream but are still lighter in texture than foundation. They both make the perfect companion for traveling somewhere hot as they’re lighter than your usual foundation.

How do I use BB & CC cream?

We’re fans of using beauty sponges and foundation brushes rather than fingers. Both BB and CC can be worn in the same way, so simply add some to your weapon of choice and apply the product to your skin. Like you would with foundation, still apply to your neck and if you feel you need to, add a light powder over the top to help it set.

What about tinted moisturiser?

When you think of BB and CC cream, think foundation with moisturiser added in. Tinted moisturiser is the opposite – think moisturiser with a little foundation added in to give you gorgeous sheer coverage. They’ll quench your skin's thirst in the summer and work as a great base in the winter for when you need some extra moisture. The tint gives you a natural glow and can help to cover any small problem areas. 

So, whenever you’re in a rush or you want to give your skin a break from foundation, skip a few beauty steps and use the BB or CC cream of your choice.