• Can I really get balanced nutrition on the SlimFast 3.2.1. Plan?

    When you combine 2 SlimFast meal replacements, 3 healthy snacks (under 100 calories), and a sensible third meal of 600 calories for women (800 for men), you can get all the daily nutrition you need whilst losingweight. The SlimFast 3.2.1 Plan provides 1200 to 1400 calories per day for woman (1400-1600 for men), which is a safe and effective level for weight loss. Each SlimFast meal replacement gives you a thirdof your daily nutrition. Meal replacement products such as shakes or bars are nutrient dense fortified foods, designed to replace a conventional meal. They have been shown in trials to assist both weightloss and weight maintenance.

  • Is the SlimFast 3.2.1 Plan actually proven to work?

    SlimFast has a number of studies to support its effectiveness.

  • What drinks can I have whilst on the SlimFast 3.2.1 Plan?

    You can drink as much herbal tea, black tea and coffee as you like although if your drink of choice is caffeinated, we suggest that you stay within the recommended daily caffeine guidelines of 200mg for onedrink, 400mg a day.

    If you use milk in your tea and coffee you need to bear in the mind that the milk you use adds extra calories, so skimmed or 1% fat milk is the best choice. 35mls of skimmed milk (which is the amount typicallyadded to a cup of tea or coffee) contains about 11 calories, 50mls of skimmed milk (which is the amount typically added to a mug of tea or coffee) contains 16 calories.

  • What types of exercise are best to do whilst following the SlimFast 3.2.1 Plan?

    Any exercise will help you lose weight. Exercise doesn't have to be strenuous or lengthy to be beneficial. Walking is one of the most effective exercises and almost anyone can do it! Ideally you should be aimingto do at least 30 minutes of moderately intense physical activity per day, as your fitness improves then aim to accumulate at least 60 minutes of daily physical activity. Swimming, cycling, and dancing arealso great forms of exercise that do not need to be performed in a gym. If you are new to exercise or have any existing medical problems it is advised that you should check with your doctor before startingany type of exercise programme.

  • Does it matter if my balanced meal is under the recommend 600 calories?

    It doesn't matter too much if your balanced meal is slightly under the 600 calorie target but if it's too low in calories you might find that you get hungry before your next meal or snack. The SlimFast 3.2.1.Plan provides between 1200-1400 calories a day which is designed to help you to lose 1-2lbs a week which is what experts say is a safe level of weight loss.

  • Once I lose weight, how do I keep it off?

    Tactics for weight management include healthy eating and regular physical activity. Continue to replace one meal a day with a SlimFast shake, and eat sensibly for the remaining two meals, including 1-2 low-fatsnacks. In addition, research shows that people who include physical activity in their daily routine are more likely to keep the weight off. Moderate activity, such as 30 minutes of walking or cycling willhelp you to maintain your weight. Weigh yourself regularly. If you gain a few pounds, restart the SlimFast 3.2.1. Plan, until the unwanted pounds are lost. Then, enjoy SlimFast everyday to help you stayhealthy, fit and energetic

  • How do I resist when my children are eating chocolate?

    Out-of-sight-out-of- mind is a good way deal with food like chocolate which you shouldn't be eating as a regular part of your diet, so put the chocolate away where you can't see it. When you give your childrenEaster chocolate perhaps you should have a SlimFast chocolate snack like Heavenly Chocolate Delight Snack Bar should you won't feel too hard done by.

  • What shall I do if I know I'm going to have a bad day and want to prepare for this?

    One bad day won't ruin the whole diet, so if you've had a bad day or you know you've got a day coming up when you can't stick to your diet as careful as you should don't worry too much, as long as it doesn'thappen too often it won't be a problem. Doing extra exercise the day before or day after is a good idea, it’s not recommend to save calories because without the recommended snacks or calories at eachmeal you could end up becoming over hungry and this is when people are more vulnerable to over eating or making poor food choices.

  • I've heard that my body will go into 'starvation mode' and hang on to the weight if I cut back my calories too much. How do I know if I'm eating the right amount?

    Nutrition experts recommend that the ideal rate of weight loss is between 1-2lbs a week and to achieve this you need to reduce your energy intake by approximately 500 calories a day. The SlimFast 3.2.1. Planprovides between 1200-1400 calories a day, it is not a very low calorie diet so it shouldn't affect your metabolism. If you're following the plan correctly and losing between 1-2 lbs a week then you knowyou're eating the right amount.

  • What should I be doing to get myself back into pre-baby shape?

    Despite all the pictures you see in magazines, newspapers and online of celebrities and supermodels looking svelte and slender literally weeks after giving birth it takes on average 12 months for new mums toreturn to their pre-pregnancy weight so you need to give it time. If you're careful with your diet, there is no physical reason why losing weight after having a baby should be more difficult but it doesrequire discipline. One study found that women who exercised regularly in the year after the birth of their first child, were on average, 6kg lighter than mums who didn't so if you haven't done so alreadywhy don't you join a gym that has crèche or arrange to meet up with other mums that you've met at the ante natal class to go for a walk?