Service available in selected stores only. Please see store list below.

What is the Liver Scanning Service?

The Liver Scanning Service involves using a special device called FibroScan, to check your liver health by measuring possible scar tissue and fat in the liver. The scan is completed using a probe connected to the Fibroscan device, which measures the elasticity of your liver. The result obtained helps provide an assessment of your liver health.

A Consultant Hepatologist will review the personal information you provide in conjunction with your scan results; after which you and your doctor (where details provided) will receive an evaluation letter.

The service in store is operated by Liver Wellness specially trained nurses.

Who might benefit from a liver scan?

Many of us know that excess alcohol can damage the liver but what’s less well known is that our diet and lifestyle can also affect our liver health. In Ireland approximately 60% of adults are classed as overweight or obese. Eating more calories than we need and leading an inactive lifestyle is a major reason for this. Each of these factors are also affecting our liver health and can cause a condition called Non-Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease or NAFLD.

If you have Type 2 diabetes or have high fasting glucose levels, are overweight, have heart disease or high cholesterol levels you might benefit from knowing more about your liver health. The good news is that there are steps that you can put in place to help reverse the early signs of a fatty liver, before significant damage and disease develops.

Who can use the service?

The Liver Scanning Service is available to persons aged 18 and over. We request that you provide details of your GP or doctor when availing of the service. This will allow for a copy of the results evaluation to be shared with them, to support you with any follow-up care required.

We don’t recommend you complete the liver scan at this time if:

• You’ve recently completed some intense exercise activity e.g. run a marathon (wait for 8 weeks after)

• Had a recent illness e.g. taken antibiotics, COVID-19 infection within the last 4 weeks

Please note: You should not eat for 4 hours before your consultation.

You can avail of the service if you are pregnant.

The service is not indicated for the diagnosis of Liver cancer.

Which Boots stores offer this service?

The service is available in the following 3 locations, by appointment only. Appointments are currently available on Fridays on selected dates, and you can view the availability in each location when you start your appointment booking.

• Dublin Liffey Valley

• Cork Douglas

• Galway Shop St

How much does the service cost?

The Liver Scanning Service costs €200. You will pay this fee to Liver Wellness at the time that you book your appointment.



Book your appointment with pre-consultation form†

Find your preferred appointment at a time, date and Boots pharmacy** that’s convenient for you. A charge applies

Answer some questions online to complete your appointment booking. This helps to reduce time spent in the pharmacy when you come for your consultation.


Go in-store for your Liver Scanning consultation

Visit the pharmacy at your scheduled appointment time. The specially trained Liver Wellness nurse will complete your scan in our private consultation room. Remember to wear a loose-fitting top, this will aid in accessing the required area for your scan.


Get your scan result

Once the Consultant Hepatologist has reviewed your scan results you and your doctor (where details given) will be provided with the results and recommendations.

Frequently asked questions

Why do I want to learn more about my liver health?

A healthy liver is important for your long-term health. The liver plays a key role in many body functions including the processing of nutrients such as sugar, proteins and fats. It is also important in the detoxification of drugs and the making of substances for blood clotting. If you can identify early stages of liver inflammation e.g. due to having a fatty liver, you can work to help reverse the damage or prevent it getting worse.

Do I need a doctor referral?

No, however we do ask you for the details of your GP or doctor. This allows the Consultation Hepatologist to send a copy of your results and any follow-up recommendations to them.

How long will the pharmacy consultation take?

The Liver Scanning consultation will take 20 minutes. When you arrive for your appointment, the specially trained Liver Wellness Nurse will bring you into the pharmacy consultation room, check your details and get any additional information needed.

What happens during the liver scan part of the consultation?

• You will lie down on your back and with your right arm raised behind your head on our bed plinth in the consultation room

• The specially trained Liver Wellness Nurse will apply a small amount of gel to your right side of your abdomen and place the probe with slight pressure against your skin

• Ten consecutive measurements will be made at the same location

When will I get my results?

The results will be available within 7 days of completing your scan in the pharmacy. Your results letter will be sent to you, and your doctor or GP, if these details are provided.

How often should I get a Liver Scan completed?

This will vary depending on the result obtained from your liver scan, your overall general health and the consultation evaluation. The recommendation for any repeat scan will be provided in the results letter sent out by the consultant.

What else should I do to help maintain my liver health?

As our bodies are always changing it’s important to continue to look after them and our liver health as part of this. Following a healthy lifestyle is key to this, and involves eating a balanced diet, participating in recommended levels of exercise and being mindful by looking after your general wellbeing.

†The Liver Scanning Service is run by Liver Wellness Limited. By clicking on Book Appointment you will be leaving and visiting a site that is operated and controlled by a third party. Any information you provide to the third party site will be collected by that third party and not by Boots, and will be subject to that party’s privacy and security policies.

**Subject to device and specially trained team member availability. Selected stores only. Fee applies.