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What’s the best item in your beauty stash for a quick but luxurious pampering session? Of course, it’s the face mask! The great thing about face masks? There is one for any occasion, for any skin type.

You might find yourself struggling to decide on the best face mask, the choice is just so large! Don’t worry, we have placed our masks into easy-to-use groups.

Reduce pores and blemishes

To achieve that longed-after clear complexion, look no further than these trusty masks.

If you want to reduce pores, the ingredient to look out for is clay. The No7 Beautiful Skin Pore Vacuum Mask uses clay to open pores and pull out the dirt clogging them, which is the number one cause of blackheads.

Blemishes can drain confidence, and fighting them can sometimes seems like a never-ending battle. If you feel this way, then turn once again to that magic ingredient: clay! It’s used in this nourishing Super Facialist Salicyclic Acid Anti Blemish Clay Mask. The clay, alongside the oil-absorbing Dead Sea Mud and vitamin-rich avocado oil, will remove oils, dirt and toxins that are causing the blemishes.