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How to remove fake tan

Say goodbye to orange hands & streaky legs

Go from fake tan fail to fake tan finesse

We’ve all experienced a tanning disaster at some point. Whether it’s pale patches, streaky legs or a tangerine tone too far, our love of a golden glow can leave us with a few tell-tale signs. If you want to get rid of your fake tan for good or fix any unsightly tones, we’re here to help.

How to remove fake tan

If you’re after a super-quick and super-simple solution, head to your local Boots to find the Bondi Sands Self Tan Eraser. The unique cleansing formula will remove any traces of fake tan, leaving your skin feeling smooth, soft and moisturised. Simply apply the product to dry skin and wait five minutes. After you’ve done this, head straight into the shower and use a flannel or sponge to help wash away the tan. A fantastically fast way to achieve fake-tan freedom.

A good rummage in your kitchen cupboard can also help you to get rid of a tan. If you’re lucky enough to find some lemon juice and baking soda, mix this into a smooth paste and apply it to your skin. Containing a natural bleaching agent, the power of lemon can break down even the most terracotta looking tan.

How to fix streaky legs

The key word here is: exfoliate. But that doesn’t mean scrubbing until you’re sore. The trick is to gently massage your skin in circular motions with a body scrub, polisher or a trusty mitt for targeted control, resulting in an even finish.

Another little trick is to wet-shave as this will remove peachy fuzz and any unsightly tiger stripes in the process. Moisturise generously afterwards as any areas of your skin that are particularly dry, will show up darker when you tan. Not only will this make your skin feel sleek and smooth but your tan will look even and last longer, too.

How to soften your glow

So your fake tan has come out pretty even but on the down side, it’s a slightly darker shade than intended. Time to grab your favourite body oils and run a hot bath – the combination of oil massage and hot water will help break it down for a softer finish. You’ll also finish up feeling relaxed, pampered and silky soft. 

How to fix uneven patches

For a heavily baked patchy tan that just won’t budge, start by gently exfoliating and then tackling the lighter patches with the same fake tan you originally used. Rubbing a little baby oil around the area afterwards will also help to even it out.

Another great way to even out any dark patches is by applying toothpaste to them. In the same way that toothpaste whitens teeth, it can also lighten fake-tan patches. Simply pop it onto any particularly unsightly patches, leave on for a minute and then wash off.

To help even out any lighter looking patches, use a gradual tanning moisturiser or lotion such as Palmer's Cocoa Butter Formula Natural Bronze Gradual Tanning Moisturiser. This will give you the option of building back colour slowly, as using a heavier and more instant tanning spray or lotion could result in getting darker patches again. You’ll soon be left golden and glowing all over.

Whether you want to be bold, bronzed and beautiful or tan-free and terrific, you now have the perfect tips to help you to perfect your look.

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