Sleek & smooth hair

with Dyson Supersonic™

Get a smooth, sleek and shiny look this party season with the Dyson Supersonic™ hair dryer. Watch the tutorial to achieve this style in just a few simple steps – no straightener needed!

Step 1 – dry

Using the smoothing nozzle, blow dry your hair at a downward angle with your fingers until 80% dry. For fast and smooth results, use the 80ºC heat setting and the highest speed setting.

17-12-Dyson-Party Looks-CP_SI-01

Step 2 – section & switch

Section your hair into two parts and secure with a clip. Then switch to the styling concentrator – this gives you precise, controlled airflow for ultimate smoothing.

17-12-Dyson-Party Looks-CP_SI-02

Step 3 – finish drying

Dry the rest of your hair at the medium speed setting. Keep the heat at 80ºC and use a paddle brush to dry your hair in sections.

17-12-Dyson-Party Looks-CP_SI-03
Denman Large Paddle Brush (D83)



Maximum quantity reached

Step 4 – parting

Use a pin-tail comb to create a deep side parting. This should be in line with the arch of your eyebrow.

17-12-Dyson-Party Looks-CP_SI-04

Step 5 – cold shot

Switch to the cold shot on the Dyson Supersonic and run it down the length of your hair with the paddle brush. The cold air sets your style in place to ensure it stays super-smooth.

17-12-Dyson-Party Looks-CP_SI-05

Step 6 – add some sparkle

Finish your style with some sparkle by adding clips behind your ear.

17-12-Dyson-Party Looks-CP_SI-06

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