Your ultimate holiday skincare saviours

Save your skin this summer

When you go on holiday, naturally you want to fill your suitcase with lovely new clothes that’ll have you looking extra-fabulous in your Instagram feed. But have you thought about the different skincare products you need? Aside from the obvious (sunscreen, after sun…) there are lots of other skincare essentials to pack along with your favourite bikini.

1. Look after your skin on the plane

When you’re flying, your skin can become dehydrated – and that’s when dreaded breakouts and irritations can occur. Not what you want as you’re about to chill out by the pool. So before you board your flight, pop a mini moisturiser in your hand luggage so you can stay refreshed until touchdown. If you’re flying long haul, use a hydrating serum – apply to your face, neck and hands when you get on the plane to nourish your skin and help protect it from all that recycled air. You’ll find plenty to choose from across our range of skincare essentials.

Remember, if you have oily skin, you may be more prone to breakouts when you fly. So don’t forget to pack some blotting papers! These will help absorb excess oil and shine to help keep your face fresh. Little tip: choose a brand that can be used over your make-up, so you don’t have to compromise your ‘airport chic’ look. Hydrating mists are also great for staying fresh and soothed too. Then, when you’re off the plane and all checked in to your hotel, use a gentle scrub or exfoliator to help remove any dry, dead skin cells – leaving you ready to hit the pool or check out the local sites.

2. Protect that scalp

Most of us know that when it starts to warm up at home or we’re heading to hotter climates, it’s time to bring out the sunscreen. But, as suncare expert Clare O’Connor says: “It is easy to forget that your scalp also needs protection as it is a sensitive area and is usually exposed to UV rays all day, especially when on holiday. Keep your scalp shielded with a hat or perhaps use a spray formulated with UVA/UVB protection that not only protects your scalp but cools it too.” You might also want to try a hair serum to help keep your locks silky soft, even after a dip in the pool or an afternoon soaking up the sun. 

3. Stay moisturised and tanned

While it’s lovely to be in the sunshine, it can also make your skin feel dry and lacking in moisture. You can keep your skin refreshed and radiant with a tinted moisturiser. This way, you can build a tan in a healthy way while keeping your skin soft and supple – ideal! We’ve got lots of tinted moisturisers to choose from for your face and body. Just make sure you choose the perfect one for your skin tone. 

4. Nourish your legs

When you head out in the evening for dinner and drinks, you want to show off that new tan! Nourishing your legs with coconut oil will help keep your skin soft and help prolong your healthy glow. The heavenly smell is just a bonus.

So, what holiday skincare essentials will you pack before you jet off? Our advice: anything that keeps your skin looking fantastic and you feeling good!

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