SPECTRUM For creating beautiful looks, beautiful brushes are essential. The Essential Set has 10 must-have brushes which combined, are the perfect starting point to creating flawless make-up. Including essentials for face, eyes, and lips, if you want to create make-up masterpieces, these are the tools you need to get started.

Set consists of:

B01 - Flat Top Buffer
A01 - Large Domed Powder
A05 - Small Angled Blush
B03 - Buffing Concealer
A06 - Large Fluffy Shader
B06 - Tall Tapered Blender
B04 - Small Angled Blender
A17 - Angled Brow
A15 - Lip Liner
A09 - Angled Eyeliner

All brushes are made from the highest quality synthetic hair.

No Unicorns were harmed in the making of our products. Proud to be vegan registered and cruelty free.

B01 – Use this beauty to blend cream and liquid products onto the skin. The super soft bristles mean that foundation can be buffed lightly into the skin for a beautifully even finish that can be left lighter, or built up for full coverage. This product is also perfect to contour the face by blending different coloured foundations into the skin seamlessly. This brush is a great multi tasker, try it for stippling powder onto shiny areas of the face or even for blending cream blush.

A01 - The super soft bristles of the Domed Powder Brush are ideal for applying a fine layer of translucent powder, or a dusting of bronzer. A great all round brush to leave in your handbag for touch ups, as it doesn't pick up too much product. Perfect for those on the go.
A05 - Create beautifully shaded and highlighted cheekbones with our Precision Blush Brush. This tool is perfect for applying a small amount of product and building to get a natural looking blended finish. An essential piece of kit, this brush will change the way you apply colour to your cheeks for the better.

B03 - The best way to create a flawless coverage over dark circles and blemishes is with our Baby Buffer. The super soft bristles and flat top shape mean it's the best brush to apply and blend cream concealer into the skin. For best results, firstly use the oval concealer brush to apply your product, then buff until you achieve a flawless finish.

B06 - Our most popular eye blending brush, this is the ultimate tool for creating all kinds of makeup looks, from soft and romantic to full blown sexy and smokey. Use to blend out colour or build up shade in the contours of the eye, this brush can do no wrong.

B04- This is one of our best selling and most versatile brushes. The perfect size and shape to create a beautifully contoured eye. Use the soft angle of the brush to add shading to the outer corners and colour fades in the crease.  

A17- This firm brush allows for precise and even application of gel or powder products to the eyebrow, for filling, shaping and defining. This brush can also be used with gel or cream products to line and define the upper and lower lash lines.

A15 - The firm, flat bristles of the lip liner brush are perfect for defining and filling the lips. The tapered tip allows for precise application before filling your pout with your fave lip products.

A09 - This little cutie is our thinnest brush, the pointed tip is designed for application of gel, cream or liquid eyeliner in an easy fluid movement. The angled ferrule allows for extra control right up to the lash line. Best for those who like a fine line.

To keep your brushes looking and working their best we recommend cleaning them once a week with warm water and our vegan brush shampoo to remove any product build up.

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