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Meal Plans


In addition to the 3.2.1. plan and SlimFast products, there are also some handy meal planners to make things that little bit easier. The meal planners provide an overview of how the SlimFast 3.2.1. plan works in practice, whilst providing some great ideas for the types of delicious snacks and meals you can enjoy. To give you one less thing to think about, all full recipes have been included and all come in at under 600 calories!

7 day mixed meal planner

This planner covers a variety of meals for all different tastes. From our SlimFast Summer Strawberry shake for lunch, to a delicious spicy pork kebab recipe for dinner, the focus is to keep things interesting!

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7 day simple meal planner

This is the plan for those of you with a need for speed or ease. Whether you have a busy life or just don’t enjoying spending too long in the kitchen, here’s a planner to keep you interested with varieties of flavours and tastes.

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7 day vegetarian meal planner

As the name suggests, this is the perfect plan for vegetarians or those of you who like to limit how much meat you eat. As with the other plans, we’ve tried to give you a variety of flavours and products to keep things interesting.

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