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Taking several different medicines needs lots of extra care. Boots Medisure makes it simple and easy to take the right medicines at the right time by dividing your tablets into separately sectioned blisters, each marked with the time of day when the tablets should be taken.

There is a choice of two blister pack sizes depending on your medicines and you, or your carer, can easily check that the right medicines have been taken at the right time.

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Frequently asked questions

How does Medisure work?

Boots Medisure can help make it simpler and easier to take the right medicines at the right time. There are two options available to you, either Medisure two dose, which is suitable if you take medicines every day, or Medisure four dose, if you take medicines three to four times each day. Both packs provide one week's worth of medication.

The pharmacy team can arrange to organise the medicines into separately sectioned blister packets, each marked with the day and time when different tablets should be taken.

This not only helps you take all the correct medicines at the correct time, but it may also help to identify if any doses have been missed, both for you and for someone who may be helping to look after you.

Who could benefit from Medisure?

The Medisure service could help if, for example, you are:

  • Struggling to organise medicines and find it difficult to remember when to take them

  • Helping to look after someone else and are worried that they may not be taking their medicines correctly, or if you simply need more support

  • Responsible for organising someone else's medicines as it will save you time

  • Recently home from hospital after a stay because of either taking too much, or not enough, of your medicines

  • Recently home from hospital and suddenly have a lot more tablets to take

  • Looking after someone who is visually impaired. Being able to feel the blister packs may help them check they haven't missed any tablets

  • Finding it difficult to get tablets out of their current packs. Whether you take two tablets or 10 at any one time, they will be held in just one pocket in the blister pack, making them easier to get out

If you tell your pharmacist about your situation they will help you decide if Medisure is the best solution for you, or if another course of action might be of more help.

How to sign up to Medisure

If you think that Medisure could help you, talk to your pharmacist. They will talk to you about the medicines being taken and any difficulties being experienced.

If the pharmacist thinks Medisure could be the right solution, then a start date can be agreed and you can let Boots take the worry out of organising multiple medications for you or someone you look after.

You may already wish to find out more about the Repeat Prescription Service, which is available in store. Pick up a leaflet in store or speak to your Boots pharmacist.