relaunch FAQs

From 13 May 2020, will be completely relaunched to bring you a whole new way of making the most of your photo memories with Boots. In the future, the new Boots service will be powered by CEWE, who you will hear much more about soon.

Amongst the changes will be a brand-new range of prints, wall art and photo books for you to explore, a new photo storage platform, and lots of inspirational gifting ideas to help you get the best out of your photos. 

Please read our FAQ for more details and answers to any questions you may have, including some important guidance on any live projects you may have outstanding.


What will happen to my projects?

Your existing projects (i.e. any prints or products you're currently working on but haven't yet ordered) will not be transferred across to the new platform. Therefore, please ensure all current projects are completed and ordered before midnight on Tuesday 12 May 2020.

Will I still be able to access the current website?

After Tuesday 12 May 2020, you will no longer be able to access the website as it currently exists. But don't worry, the website address will remain the same and you'll love all of the features and tools that the new site will have to offer.

Will I still be able to use my credit?

Any outstanding credit (i.e. free prints or shipping) on your account, will not be transferred across to the new platform. Therefore, please ensure any credit is used as part of orders before midnight Tuesday 12 May 2020.

Can I still use discount codes up until the transition?

Yes, you can use any qualifying discount codes. Discount codes can be used anywhere the product is available, unless otherwise specified. Any current discount codes will expire after Tuesday 12 May 2020.

Are my photos secure on the new website?

Yes, your photos will be password-protected in your account and only you decide when and with whom to share them.

Will I still receive Boots Advantage Card points?

You will continue to receive points when you shop with, including Parenting ClubOver 60’s Rewards, after the transition.

What can I expect from the new website?

The new website will bring you a brand new range of prints, including wall art and photo books for you to explore, a new photo storage platform, inspirational gifting ideas and access to entirely new shopping platforms.

Can I transfer my images over to the new website?

If you haven’t opted-out of having your information transferred to the new service, you will receive an email from Boots and CEWE offering you the opportunity to transfer your images to a new photo storage platform free of charge. If you don’t want your images to be transferred, simply don’t opt-in at this stage.

What will happen to any orders I haven't received after Wednesday 13th May?

If you placed an order before Wednesday 13 May but have not received it or have any issues with the order, please check out Snapfish customer care help page for guidance.