Summer tips for you & your little one

Enjoy the season with your new arrival

With the weather heating up, it’s (finally) time for some summer fun! And what better way to spend those lazy, hazy days than with your newest arrival? Whether you’re hitting the beach or the back garden, we’ve put together some handy and helpful tips to help you make the most of the season with your bundle of joy. Ice cream, anyone?


The great outdoors

There are loads of exciting sensory experiences like new sounds and sights for your baby to enjoy outdoors. Why not pack a picnic (don’t forget your teddy bear!) and head to your local park? And if it’s safe to do so, you could meet up with family, friends or other new parents and make a day of it  – we’ll bring the snacks.

If the park doesn’t appeal, spending time in the garden is just as exciting – think paddling pools and blowing bubbles. And not having to pack up and travel means you’ve got all you need to keep you and your baby happy at home.


The great indoors

When the rain and cold weather keeps us indoors (yes, even in summer!), it can be tricky to find a bit of fun. From dance parties to peek-a-boo, storytime to an indoor picnic, all it takes is a sprinkle of imagination.

With places re-opening, there are lots of indoor activities to explore away from your front door. Taking a trip to your local swimming pool is another baby-friendly activity to do while it’s raining cats and dogs. Plus, it’s a great place to meet other babies and parents! Thinking about taking a dip? Read our advice page about the benefits of getting your baby in the water from an early age.

Sun safety

Staying safe under the sun at any age is super important, but you’ll need to be extra careful with your little one in the sunshine. Babies have delicate and sensitive skin that can be damaged more easily by the sun’s rays. Newborns under six months old shouldn’t be in the sun at all. Instead, create a shady space under an umbrella or sunshade in a pram. Older babies should avoid being in the sun when it’s at its strongest – between 11am and 3pm. Don’t forget to regularly apply a specially formulated sunscreen with an SPF of at least 30 and choose a lightweight outfit that covers their arms and legs – not forgetting a wide-brimmed hat that’ll cover their neck and ears. Read our helpful guide for more information about staying sun safe.

Adventure awaits

Whether you’re holidaying abroad or holi-staying at home, nothing beats being prepared with all the things you need for your little one’s first adventure.

If you’re heading for beaches abroad, first thing’s first, you’ll need to sort out your baby’s passport. Once that’s done and dusted, it’s time for the fun part – deciding on your destination. It’s best to find a flight time that fits in with their usual sleeping routine and remember to dress them in comfortable clothing. Don’t forget to pack the essentials like nappies, wipes, and a few familiar toys to keep them entertained.

If you’re not hitting the tarmac and touching down in the tropics (where’s better than home, right?), don’t forget to make your list and check it twice. It’s handy to know whether your destination provides things like cots and changing tables. If not, you’ll be playing a game of car Tetris on a sunny Saturday morning. And speaking of, when travelling in the car, make sure you’ve got sun blinds on the windows – they help protect little peepers from harmful UVA and UVB rays. 

Wherever you’re off to, take a look at our handy travelling guide. It’s packed full of tips and tricks for travelling with a little one.  

Keeping cool

Dressing your baby for the warm weather is super-duper important. Remember those light layers we talked about earlier? Babies can overheat because they can’t yet regulate their body temperature. When it’s warm at night, think thinner layers for bedtime – you could even get a room thermometer so you can keep an eye on the temperature in their nursery. During the warm weather, you may need to feed your little one more than usual to avoid dehydration. Just like adults, babies need plenty of fluids to stay hydrated.

From practical outfits (think elasticated waistbands) to pretty and playful prints, get them ready for fun-filled sunny days with the Mothercare clothing range

Looking after yourself

We know that parenting can have its tricky moments, so setting aside some time just for you is a must. It may seem impossible with a newborn but try and schedule some me-time when you can. You could read a book, take a bath or go for a walk – even if it’s just for half an hour a day.

Finding a support network made up of friends, family, or other new parents can help you navigate some of the trickier things that come with being a parent. If you have a friend or family member that’s willing to help you out with washing, shopping or babysitting, accept their help! There’s no shame in taking some time for yourself.

It’s also important to recognise when things are becoming too much. Being a new parent can be overwhelming, and if you feel like you’re struggling to cope, reach out and get help from your support network, GP or mental health charities.

Snappy days

Summer is the perfect time to make and capture precious memories. From their first smile to their first steps, why not fill a photo album with your favourites from baby’s first summer? You can print in store at your local Boots and create lasting memories with photo gifts, canvas prints, cushions and more. Say cheese!

So, go out and enjoy all that summer has to offer with your little one – we’ll see you on the beach.