Selection of baby essentials including bottles and dummy

Nursery essentials

From mobiles to mattresses, cots to changing mats, we've got the essentials for all your nesting instincts

Creating your baby's nursery can be one of the most exciting things you'll do as a new parent, but you don't have to break the bank doing so. You can create a beautiful nursery with all the essentials, even on a budget.

Remember: For the first six months it's recommended that your little one sleeps in the same room as you.

However, even though your baby won't be sleeping in the nursery for a while, you can still spend time there together so it feels familiar by the time they move in. That, plus the fact that you'll be busy once the baby is born, is probably why most new parents have the nursery ready and waiting by the time the baby arrives.

To help, we've pulled together the top five basic nursery buys that you'll need - and we've given you some great product recommendations as well.

  1. Cot: While your newborn will probably sleep in a moses basket to start with, as they grow, so will the need for sleeping space. You'll need to think about a suitable cot for when they move into the nursery. Consider if you want a cot where the side drops down, the height adjusts or one that will stand the test of time and convert into a junior bed
  2. Mattress: The cot isn't complete without a mattress and there are lots of different options like foam, sprung and pocket
  3. Baby monitor: Once baby has gone down for the night, you can listen to your baby gurgling and (hopefully!) sleeping through a baby monitor for the ultimate peace of mind
  4. Changing mat: You'll probably be changing four to six nappies a day (at least!), so get a changing mat that can travel with you to any other room in the house
  5. Mobile: Help relax and calm your little one with a musical mobile, which come with a range of different features to focus and occupy baby

Remember you'll probably get lots of presents when you have a baby so don't think that you have to buy everything now! We bet you could even have a wish list of some of the things you need.

Last but not least, consider these other nursery items:

  • Nappies and nappy cream
  • Thermometer
  • Night light
  • Nursing pillow

Kit it out

Whatever your budget there are lots of great products to help you create a well-equipped nursery for your new arrival.

We've pulled together some of our current favourites to suit all budgets:

Motorola Digital Baby Monitor



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Bepanthen Nappy Care Ointment




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Sleep easy

When it comes to sleeping habits, everyone is different, and so is your baby! It's unlikely your newborn will fit into your sleep pattern, so try to sleep when your baby does (forget the ironing!) and use a bedtime routine to try and get your baby used to the idea that there is a difference between day and night.