How to: edgy nudes & statement silver nails

Watch our tutorial and see how to get on-trend nails with just 3 shades

Looking for a way to make-over your manicure at home? This season it’s all about sharp lines and subtle shades. Just take three nail colours and a bit of tape and get playing! We’re loving edgy nudes, statement silvers and pure whites for a cool catwalk vibe. 

Step 1 - Take your tape

Start with your nails painted silver.  Now apply a small square of tape at a diagonal angle across your nail.

Step 2 - Edgy nudes

Paint the top half of the nail a nude shade.

Step 3 - Tape off

Carefully remove the tape while the nude polish is still wet. This should make your line nice and sharp. 

Step 4 - Repeat

Apply another square of tape at the opposite diagonal angle.

Step 5 - Pearly whites

Paint the bottom part of your nail with a white polish. We used Barry M Gelly Hi Shine in Cotton. When you’re finished, remove the tape like before.

Step 6 - Top coat

Finish with a fast-drying top coat to smooth out any bumps and prevent your manicure from chipping.