We try the latest nail trends

Turn your attention to your talons

Fancy mastering the skill of nail art? We review the top trending styles and shows you how to perfect them in your home salon.

Rainbow tips

Kit your nails out in colour and get a look that’s as stylish as it’s colourful. You’ll need a base coat, a translucent pinky-cream nail polish, a few colours of your choice and a trusty top coat. Don’t forget a small brush and nail polish remover, too.

Paint your base and let it dry. “Then follow the natural smile line of your nails and apply a coat of colour to your tips,” says Lisa. Use a small nail art brush and a bit of nail polish remover to clean up any mistakes, making the nails look as clean as possible. Take your sheer, pink polish and “give your nails an even colour all over,” Lisa tells us. Once your talons are completely dry, apply a second coat of each colour to your tips following the same line as before. Top it off with a top coat – ta-dah!

Difficulty rating: 5/10​​​​​​​ You’ll need your concentration face on to make sure your colourful tips are in top shape.

Your rainbow tips kit:

Opi Nail Lacquer in Exotic Birds Do Not Tweet

Essie Express Quick Dry Nail Colour in 160 In A Flash Sale

Boots Polished Nail Polish in 020

Lilac love-in

If a subtle vibe is more your thing, get ready to achieve pastel perfection. Grab a base coat, a lilac shade polish and a top coat.

“Start with the base coat,” says Lisa. “Then apply two coats of your favourite lilac nail polish.” Finish with a glossy top coat for super shiny nails.

Difficulty rating: 1/10​​​​​​​ Nail art doesn’t come much simpler than this.

Your lilac love-in kit:

Barry M Green Origin Base Coat & Top Coat

My Mood Nail Polish In Sleepy

Rimmel Super Gel Nail Polish Top Coat

Creative clouds

On-trend and oh so stylish, don’t lose your head in the clouds! To complete this look you’ll need a base coat, a light blue nail polish, white nail polish, a dotting tool and a top coat.

“Apply your base coat, then add two coats of light blue nail polish, waiting until the blue is completely dry,” Lisa says. To carve out the clouds, use a dotting tool dipped in white polish and outline a cloud shape on each nail, dotting the polish to fill them in. Once dry, seal the deal with a top coat.

Difficulty rating: 5/10​​​​​​​ This dreamy design requires a steady hand.

Your creative clouds kit:

My Mood Nail Polish in Peace

Essie Nail Lacquer in 1 Blanc

Boots Eyeliner Brush

Pinky hues

Classic and chic, it’s got to be pink. To achieve your ombre nails, grab your base coat, a dark and light pink polish, a top coat and something to mix the nail polishes (tin foil and a nail brush will do!).

First, ace your base coat before adding colour. “Paint your nails with a darker pink, applying two coats. Next, mix in a couple of drops from your lighter pink polish,” Lisa advises. When you’re happy with the mixed colour, repeat the process for each nail. As always, follow with your topcoat.

Difficulty rating: 2/10​​​​​​​ Painting with pink is always a pleasure.

Your pinky hues kit:

Masqd The Cuticle Pusher

No7 Stay Perfect Nail Colour

Max Factor Nailfinity Gel in That’s A Wrap

Crescents & glitter tips

Turn the classic French tip on its head with a subtle way to add some flair. Get your base coat, a pinky polish, a colour of your choice for the crescents, a glitter polish, top coat, nail liner brush, and remover.

Paint your base and allow it to dry. Use your pinky, sheer polish to give your nails an even colour. “Follow the natural smile line of your nails,” says Lisa, “and apply one coat of glitter to your tips.” Depending on what kind of glitter polish you choose, you may have to apply a second coat. “For the cuticle crescents, use a nail liner brush to neatly paint around your cuticles,” Lisa adds. Don’t worry if it takes time to get the right shape – practice makes perfect. Finish with a top coat once you’re happy.

Difficulty rating: 8/10​​​​​​​ Creating a crescent moon can be tricky, but glitter tips are always a winner.

Your crescents & glitter tips kit:

NYX Professional Makeup Pro Angled Eyeliner Brush

Boots Polished Gel Finish Nail Colour in 048

Sally Hansen Vitamin E Nail & Cuticle Oil

Daisy dreaming

Who needs a green thumb when you've got petals on your fingers? Grab your base coat, white, blue and yellow polishes, a dotting tool, a translucent cream polish and your trusty top coat.

Apply your base coat and one coat of your sheer, translucent shade. Next, take your blue nail polish to create a backdrop for your flowers and wait for it to dry completely. “Use a dotting tool to place five dots of white polish in the shape of a daisy,” Lisa adds, making sure to evenly space out your flowers across your nail. To add the yellow centre of the flower, use the same dotting tool dipped in yellow polish and hey presto, your daisy nails are done. Don’t forget your top coat!

Difficulty rating: 6/10​​​​​​​ Simpler than it looks and perfect for spring or summer.

Your daisy dreaming kit:

My Mood Nail Polish in Different

Barry M Hi Vis Neon Nail Paint in Yellow Flash

Rimmel Super Gel Nail Polish Top Coat

And there you have it! Six ways to fancy-up your fingertips – pass us the polish.