Baby climbing out of cot

Moving on from baby's cot

If your toddler's getting too big for their cot and tries to climb out, it's time to think about moving them into a bed. But it's a big step, so check out our tips to help you make the switch

A familiar space

It's a huge adventure to move into a new bed so make sure it's as comforting as possible. Add something familiar from the old cot like a favourite teddy bear or blanket to make the transition smoother for your little one, and for you.

Sleeping child in bed with teddy bear

Get them involved

Your child may be excited about their big move. But they'll be even happier if they have the chance to make their own choices about bedding or nightwear. Or how about decorating their bedroom with their own glow-in-the-dark stickers?

Laughing child in bed with teddy bear

Safe and sound

A bed rail makes it easier to keep your little one safe and secure as they sleep. In case they climb out of bed unaided, it's a good idea to fit a stair gate to your child's bedroom door or at the top of the stairs until they can confidently and safely climb up and down the stairs, which usually happens by the age of three.

Baby holding safety gate

Keep an eye out

For the first six months, the safest place for your baby to sleep is in a cot in the same room as you. If they're moving into a new bed in a new room, you might feel happier if you can still see them. The latest baby monitors have video as well as sound.

Sleeping baby under blanket

Help to make the move easy

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