Why having a routine is important during isolation

Set yourself up for a good day ahead

It’s crazy o’clock in the morning. You’ve hit the snooze button too many times to count, before rolling out of bed and quickly rushing to get out the door to go to the office. It feels like forever ago, right?

We’re all experiencing crazy times at the mo, a global situation that’s new to us all. Whether you’re working from home, or you’re not working right now, everyone’s routine has changed in one way or another.

During isolation, it can feel like all the days are blurring into one (what day is it again?). If your get up and go has got up and gone, it’s time for a switch-up. Why bother? Because a regular daily routine can help you stay positive and motivated while things are a little strange right now.

There's a new boss in town

It may have been fun in the first week or so to break the rules and throw all routine out of the window. Some people may now be missing some structure to their days.

At home, no one’s checking what time you’re getting out of bed in the morning, or how many hours you’ve sat scrolling through social media. You’re in charge of this new office. It’s time to set the rules. Having a structure to work towards helps you get the most out of your day.

Create your new normal

Think back to your usual working routine before lockdown started and try to follow a similar pattern. Break your day into manageable chunks.

Set your alarm and avoid the snooze button. Try a 15-minute workout before you open the laptop to get your blood pumping and brain working. Plan your mealtimes and make sure you’re having regular breaks. It can be easy to power through to get your jobs done quickly, but taking breaks can actually make you more productive.

If you’re in a bit of a self-isolation slump, spread the routine changes throughout the week. Try to add something new each day. That way it won’t feel overwhelming and you’ll be more likely to stick to the new routines.

Our top tips for perfecting your routine

For some more isolation inspo, we’ve chatted with our staff at Boots HQ (via video chat, of course), to get their routine tips and tricks that could also work for you.

Up your chef game

“Cooking tasty dinners has become more important to me now than ever before”, says digital designer Emma. “Knowing that I have something delicious to look forward to really helps get me through the day. I find cooking and baking are great ways to unwind and switch off from the world. A productive act of self-care, win-win!”

Move that body

Assistant social media manager Chelcie hasn’t let the gym being closed stop her from getting her fitness hit. “It’s important I continue my routine for not only my physical health, but also my mental health,” she says. “Before lockdown, I’d go to the gym almost every day and do a mix of classes, personal training sessions and free weights. I like creating new home workout routines and training in the morning sets me up for the day.”

Let your creative juices flow

“Creating a list of mini projects to work through around the house has been so satisfying during lockdown,” says assistant production manager Charlie. “The projects have ranged from power washing our patio (a real stress release which I’d highly recommend!) to up-cycling old furniture by turning them into something beautiful.” Whether you’re working or not, write a trusty to-do list for the tasks you want to get through. The satisfaction of ticking them all off will give you a real boost.

Style your WFH wardrobe

Assistant marketing manager for beauty, Kelly, finds picking an outfit and make-up to complement it, makes her feel ready for the day ahead. “Before working from home, I would always dress nice for the office and do my make-up,” she says. “As soon as we went into self-isolation, I decided to keep this up. Some days I go big and bold with glitter, and others I opt for a light base, a sweep of mascara and some good old Vaseline lip balm. It helps me feel more motivated and adds a nice structure to my morning. My top tip would be to change your outfit once you’ve finished work, so it feels like you are switching off for the day.”

Go easy on yourself. It doesn’t have to be a million and one things you need to change or do at once. If getting dressed like you’re going to the office makes you more productive, then go for it. But sometimes, the reality of working at home is that you’re going to want to spend the morning in your PJs and that’s fine too. Take each day at a time and work on a routine that works well for you. You got this.