How to avoid the pressure of a lockdown 'glow-up'

It’s okay to take it easy

Feeling the pressure to hustle harder than ever? You’re not alone.

Although social media may tell you otherwise, you don’t need to use your time in isolation to write a novel, lose a stone, become fluent in Spanish or learn to bake banana bread. In fact, you don’t need to do anything.

If you want to spend hours on end watching Netflix, embrace it. If you want to follow a live stream workout every morning, go for it. We’re all different, and what makes one person feel better could make another person feel miserable.

Here’s our top tips to avoid the pressure of a lockdown ‘glow-up’:

Limit your time on social media

Resist the urge to mindlessly scroll your social media feed, comparing your body, productivity levels and skill sets to other people.

As well as cutting back your social time, try to remind yourself that what you’re seeing is not real life, it’s just a glossy, filtered snapshot of someone’s day. People share the good, but they rarely share the bad. Or the ugly!

Reassess who you're following

Your social media feed should be a positive place to go, not a negative one. Unfollow anyone who doesn’t make you feel empowered, informed or inspired. Simple!

Say no to diet culture

This is your friendly reminder that this is a global pandemic, not a weight loss contest.

You don’t have to come out of isolation as a leaner version of yourself. You don't have to smash it. You don't have to nail it. You just have to get through it. And if that means eating cake for breakfast every now and then, that’s okay. Just remember not to skimp on your fruit and veg – it’s important to get a varied and balanced diet.

Move in a way that feels good

Walking. Gardening. Dancing. Squatting. However you choose to move your body, make sure it’s in a way that feels good to you.

Getting a ‘post-lockdown body’ is a hot topic right now, but rather than focusing only on the physical effects of exercise, why not focus on the mental health aspects too?

Remind yourself how great it feels to get your heart pumping, but remember that the abs and the PBs can wait.

The internet may have you believing that you need to make the most of all this ‘extra time’, but trust us when we say this – you are doing enough.