Holiday healthcare checklist

Healthcare picks for you to pack

To help you get prepared for your long-awaited holiday, here’s our guide to the healthcare products you might want to consider packing.

Boots St John Ambulance Travel First Aid Kit

Sometimes accidents happen, so make sure you’re equipped with a first aid kit. The Boots St John Ambulance Travel First Aid Kit is a good option – the perfect size for your suitcase, it includes sterile wipes, dressings, bandages and burn gel sachets, plus a guide with advice on how to deal with a range of injuries. For kids’ bumps and grazes, it’s worth having the children’s version to hand – it even comes with bravery stickers!

Boots Hot Weather Cooling Spray

For those days when the temperature is scorching, a cooling spray is a great way to take the heat off. The Boots Hot Weather Cooling Spray helps to refresh and hydrate your skin in hot conditions, and is suitable for both face and body.

Biotrue Multi-purpose Contact Lens Solution

Contact lens wearers will know that wind and warmer air can cause their eyes to become dry and uncomfortable – not the best when you’re in the midst of sightseeing. This multi-purpose solution works to help keep lenses moist and kill germs. It’s suitable for all types of soft contact lens, and also comes in a handy flight size.

Jungle Formula Maximum Spray

No matter where you go, it’s often hard to avoid the menaces that are mosquitos. To help reduce your chances of being bitten, use insect repellent containing DEET, and cover your arms and legs with suitable loose fitting clothing. Jungle Formula Maximum Spray* contains 50% DEET and provides effective protection from mosquitos for up to 9 hours).

*Use biocides safely. Always read the label and product information before use.