Summer packing

Be ready for summer

Whether you’re going on vacation or staycation, getting ready for your holiday is half the fun. So make sure nothing is forgotten with our handy guide to holiday packing for you and the family. Sunshine, here you come!

First up on the holiday pack list – sun protection

From broad-spectrum and infrared protection to mineral versus chemical formulations, sun cream options can be a little confusing. The key things to remember are:

• Always choose a sun cream with UVA and UVB protection to help protect your skin from skin cancer, premature ageing, sun allergies and pigmentation marks. Look out for the UVA rating – aim for five stars for the best protection

• Wear at least SPF15 to shield from UVB rays, or for more intense sun choose SPF50

• Chemical vs mineral formulations: chemical formulas work by absorbing UV radiation from the skin, whereas mineral formulas act like mirrors, bouncing UV rays off the skin.  They both offer the same protection but mineral formulas, which contain titanium and zinc oxide, tend to be more suitable for sensitive skin

• Swimming or exercising? Choose a water-resistant sport formula and apply regularly

• Don’t forget that your hair and scalp needs protection too – protect it with an SPF spray and cover up with a hat.

• Help protect your eyes by wearing sunglasses that meet the EU standards for UV protection and apply an SPF eye cream

• Don’t scrimp! The average adult needs 2-3tbsp of sun cream per application

• When it’s hotting up, stay out of direct sunlight. This is usually around midday until 3pm, but check your destination as times vary from location to location

Beauty best friends

Holiday beauty is all about packing light multi-tasking products that make your life easier whilst keeping your make-up in check. Here are the must-haves on our holiday checklist:

• Try make-up with built-in SPF protection to help guard against the sun (along with your regular sun cream). For example, an SPF30 foundation, or a lip gloss with built in SPF for a touch of colour

• Waterproof mascara, eyeliner and foundation are essential for the beach

• To save on space, pack a blusher/lipstick combo such as a cheek and lip stain

• Choose a soft eyeliner that you can also use on your brows

• Rather than packing a perfume and a body lotion, combine the two with a scented body cream

• Pack a compact eye shadow palette with shades that take you from day to night

• Dry shampoo is essential for sprucing up limp locks between washes or after a day at the beach

• For refreshment on-the-go, a mini facial spritz is great for calming hot or irritated skin and helps set make-up in place

Travel toiletries & healthcare

Aside from mini versions of your favourite toiletries such as toothpaste, moisturiser, shampoo and conditioner, you may want to consider our health heroes for a fuss-free holiday:

• Antiseptic cream for little cuts and grazes

• First aid kit containing plasters, bandages and wipes so you can deal with minor injuries

• Rehydration sachets to help keep hydrated if diarrhoea strikes. Always read the label

• Pain relief in case of a headache

• Insect repellent for protection from mosquitoes and biting insects. (Use biocides safely. Always read the label and product information before use.)

• Earplugs for any noise reduction

• After-sun to help soothe dehydrated or sunburnt skin


Little ones require specialist products and watchful care to keep them protected in the sunshine. Make sure to add these to your kids packing list: 

• Children’s sun cream – created with high SPF, hypoallergenic formulas to help protect young, vulnerable skin

• Sunglasses – offering UV protection

• Toothpaste – children’s toothpaste helps protect milk teeth enamel, which is 50% thinner than adult teeth

• Children’s shampoo – a ‘no tears’ formula makes for easier bath times

• Antiseptic healing cream – for nappy rash or sore skin

• Insect repellent – milder formulas made specifically for children

• Children’s pain relief – to save lengthy trips to the pharmacy

And don’t forget…

Glasses, contact lenses and solutions, travel insurance and any regular medication. Once you’ve ticked off all your holiday items, why not treat yourself to something – it’s summer, after all!