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Home Assist at Boots

Making independent living easier

Powered by Tunstall

What is Home Assist?

Boots have joined up with specialist telecare provider Tunstall to bring customers Home Assist, a service that helps people keep their independence. Designed specially for those who live independently but may need some extra support to do so, Home Assist gives 24/7 access to help at the touch of a button.

With an Irish based call centre ready to contact the user’s chosen keyholder or emergency services at all hours, and an intelligent hub that can even monitor temperature in home, Home Assist gives freedom and peace of mind.

How does it work?

Using the Home Assist system is simple. If a situation arises where someone feels panicked, vulnerable or in need of help, Tunstall's team of caring, compassionate and highly-trained people are on hand to help. 

• Press the button on the device you wear

Speak to the operator through the speaker on the hub or the CareClip

The operator will send help, even if there is no response

Who can benefit from using Home Assist?

Home Assist is ideal for people who are:

• Older

• Less mobile

• Unwell

• Might be at risk of falling

• Recently returned from hospital

• Don't have regular visitors

• Are worried about intruders or crime

• Are caring for someone

The Basic Package

This is a support package with access to a 24/7 response centre at the touch of a button.

What’s included?

• Wearable pendant with a small radio transmitter

• Base lifeline unit connected to the phone line or mobile service

• 24-hour emergency response centre to monitor and respond to alerts

How the pendant works

When the button is pressed, this alerts the Tunstall support team and the user can then speak to an operator. The operator will let the keyholder know help is needed, or they’ll contact the emergency services, if necessary.* It connects to the hub from a distance of up to 50 metres.

The base unit hub

The pendant connects wirelessly to the hub and links you directly to the Tunstall support team.

• Small and modern design

• Mains powered

• 2-way speech

• Very low energy consumption

• 3-year guarantee

• Winter chills alert monitors the temperature around the hub unit and alerts the Tunstall support team, if it drops below a certain level. They will contact a keyholder*, this could be a family member, neighbour or friend nominated to have a key and help out in an emergency

* The keyholder may not always be contacted, it depends on the emergency

The Basic + Falls Package

Falls are one of the leading causes of emergency admittance to hospital for people over 65 in Ireland. This can lead to a move to a nursing home and loss of independence. This package includes a more intelligent pendant that automatically alerts the Tunstall support team if it detects a fall†. A call can be automatically made to the monitoring centre when a fall is detected, even if the person who falls can’t push the button.

What’s included?

• Falls detector incorporating the alert pendant†

• Base unit hub

• Winter chills alert

 The Falls monitor

• Automatically generates an alert for assistance if a fall is detected†

• Reminder call if pendant is not worn for 7 days

• Sensitivity and button settings are customised for each user during installation

• Can be worn as a neck cord, brooch clip or belt clip

 † Due to the wide variety and type of falls, some falls may not be detected. In the event of a fall, the service user should always try and press the help button


Everywhere Package

A wearable emergency alarm can benefit all sorts of people – the elderly, the disabled, those working alone or in a hazardous environment. The CareClip device can be worn by anyone concerned about personal safety. It links directly to the call centre, and has the added facility of setting up a boundary, and if the wearer breaches this, an alert is triggered to the call centre and keyholders are alerted via the mobile app.

 What’s included?

• Panic button location services

• Safe zone

• 2-way communication

• Fall detection**

• Activity analysis

The mobile app

You can check up on your loved one via the highly secure Online Portal and Mobile App to view data in real time for extra peace of mind and reassurance.

• Real time data

• Location services

• Multi-user functionality

The CareClip

This is small, lightweight and easy-to use. The user presses the button to alert a member of the Tunstall support team to speak to an operator if needed.

• Small, modern design

• 2-way speech

• Very low energy consumption

• 3-year guarantee

** Due to the wide variety and type of falls, some falls may not be detected. In the event of a fall, the service user should always try and press the help button

Everywhere package + base unit

This offers all the features of the CareClip plus the option of purchasing the base unit. This lets users connect other remote devices such as movement sensors, carbon monoxide or temperature monitors.††

†† Charges apply for connecting other devices and these are not currently available through Home Assist at Boots

Which package is right for me?

Choose from four select packages to suit your level of independence. 

Compare packages

For more information about Home Assist or the different packages available, please complete the Boots Home Assist Service form to arrange for a call back to discuss your options in more detail. 

The subscription, direct debit and service contract will be agreements between the payee (or the user and the payee if these are different) and Tunstall Emergency Response Ltd. All customer data will be held by Tunstall Emergency Response Ltd and subject to their related policies. The services will be provided to you subject to Tunstall’s terms and conditions, which you will be asked to agree to.