Boots Information Pharmacist

Boots Irish Cancer Society Information Pharmacists

If you or a loved one has cancer, having somewhere to turn to when you need help can make a real difference.

That's why all our pharmacies now have a Boots Irish Cancer Society information pharmacist, who is trained to support you if you're affected by cancer.

Side effects of treatment

If you are worried about how treatment may affect you, they can help you get the support you need to manage your symptoms.

Provide support

If all you want is someone to talk to, our trained pharmacists are happy to listen.

Living with cancer

They can offer you practical tips and advice to help you manage the effects of cancer and its treatment.

Finding further support

You may have worries about money or caring for your family. Our trained pharmacists can help you find support groups in your area.

"Sometimes all people need is someone to talk to and if we can offer some relief by simply listening we are glad to help."

Aileen, Boots Irish Cancer Society information pharmacist

How can I speak to a Boots Irish Cancer Society information pharmacist?

No need to book an appointment

Once you've used our store locator to find your nearest Boots pharmacy, simply pop in and ask to speak to them.

Chat in a private consultation room

Our pharmacies have dedicated rooms where you can chat in private.

Need more support?

Whether you're affected by cancer or you know someone who is, the Irish Cancer Society can provide reliable cancer information and support services to assist you.

Visit Irish Cancer Society