Rainbow pastel eyeshadow tutorial with Morphe

Amp up your look with these simple steps – no glam squad required!

Everyone’s obsessing over dreamy rainbow hues. Whether you’re a make-up novice or total expert, this easy-to-follow tutorial is packed with colour to help you achieve a look worthy of a pot of gold.

All about that base

The key to flawless make-up application lies in the prep.  

Grab your fave light concealer and blend in sweeping motions over the lid and brow bone using M441 Pro Firm Blending Crease Brush. Set your base in place using colour Chalk from Morphe’s 35B Color Burst Artistry Palette. Simply pat in place using the M441 brush.

Load up your lids

Ready to add a kaleidoscope of colour?

Apply shades Bubblegum and Brilliant to the inner corner of the lid using M421 Mini Concealer Brush. With the same brush, mix Chalk and Sunshine together, then apply to the centre of the lid. Now apply Moss Boss with soft packing motions next to the yellow shadow you’ve just created.

Now it’s time to switch up your brush. Grab M514 Detail Round Blender and apply Sky with soft, circular sweeping motions on the outer V of the eye. Using M514 again, apply ‘Heart’ in the crease to create a soft transition and buff the three lid shades together.

Make it pop

Apply a light concealer to the lower lash line using brush M321 Bullet Crease. Using the same brush, pat ‘sky’ over the concealer with soft motions.

Using brush M321 again, gently pack on ‘Sky’ and ‘Chalk’ then smoke out before buffing with brush M514.

The finishing touches

Focusing on the inner corner and brow bone, apply Morphe Extra Highlighter in shade Extra with brush M321.

Take a jet black gel liner and flick across the lids, pop on your fave pair of lashes then douse lips in Out And A Pout Lip Trio in shade Nude Pink.

Last (but not least!), refresh skin and set make-up with Morphe Continuous Setting Mist.

Filters? Don’t need them. This look is sure to leave them awestruck.