Baby being strapped into car seat

Easier travelling with children

Embarking on an adventure with the kids has never been so simple. We have handy product suggestions for long journeys, as well as tried-and-tested tips that parents need to know when on the go.

Eating on the move and keeping them occupied

Spread out activities

Put together an activity pack of things for your child to do while you're travelling – but tell them they can only pick a new one every 15-30 minutes. Wrapping each activity separately even makes getting the next one out a fun thing to do too!

City escapes and out in the sun

Make applying sunscreen a game

Some children dislike having cream put on and will resist. Entice your little one into helping by letting them put some on your nose, or giving them a paintbrush so they can paint it onto their arms and legs. Remember the hair parting, underarms, between fingers and underneath the bathing suit.

Help to soothe pain and keep them safe and secure

Help with stress-free travel

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