Brita Universal Filter Cartridge

MAXTRA+ Universal filter cartridge with innovative Brita MicroFlow Technology ensures powerful water filtration for hot and cold drinks and for cooking.

Your benefits:


Micro Carbon Pearls lock away taste and odour impairing substances such as chlorine in its millions of pores.

Ion-Exchange Pearls ensure reliable protection from limescale build-up.

MAXTRA+ Universal is specially developed for UK and Irish water filter market and conforms to the British Water Filter Standard BS 8427-2004 for the reduction of chlorine, hardness and metals such as lead and copper.

Experts and consumers agree: “Tea is brilliant with BRITA”

The prestigious UK Tea Academy and BRITA have a shared passion – the enjoyment of brilliant tea! To deliver a great cuppa, consider all the ingredients, not just the leaf or bag type, and remember that water has a major influence on the overall quality and enjoyment. In independent blind tests, 96 % of people agreed that tea made with MAXTRA+ filtered water is more brilliant than tea made with unfiltered tap water!*

*tested at independent external institute