Changing bag with essentials

Boots guide to packing your changing bag

Everyday changing bag essentials

Getting out and about with your little one shouldn't be a chore if you're properly prepared. Here are some suggestions of what to carry with you in your baby change bag.


There are all kinds of nappies to suit your baby's stage of development and your preferences. You can expect to use around 10-12 a day for a young baby, so make sure you pack enough when leaving the house. Regularly check your baby's nappy as it's not always easy to tell it's time for a change.

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Nappy selection
Changing mats

Changing essentials

As a new parent, you'll soon discover the best places to change baby near your home. But when you're further afield, make sure you have everything you need right at hand, from disposable changing mats to plenty of nappy bags.

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Hand gel and surface wipes

You can never be sure where you'll find the nearest running water, so hand sanitisers and antibacterial wipes are a must for parents to help keep everything around baby clean and safe.

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Hang gel and surface wipes
Selection of dummies

Teethers and soothers

As your little one's first teeth emerge, chewing on a favourite teether can help keep them calm. Soothers may help reduce suction and palatal pressure as they suck, helping reduce the chances of dental issues like crossbites.

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Dressing your little one in layers makes it easy to react quickly to changes in temperature. And the chance of spills and leaks means it's always worth having a spare outfit in your changing bag.

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Baby clothes
Baby sun cream

Sun protection

Everyone loves the sunshine, but baby's sensitive skin needs protection, even when the sun's not at its strongest. Look for sunscreen that's been designed for babies and always carry a sunhat, but remember that babies under six months need to stay out of the sun.

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Maternity pads

You may need maternity pads for up to six weeks after your baby is born. There are lots of discreet, super-absorbent options available to help lock in moisture, giving you extra protection at night or when you're out and about.

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Maternity pads
Cuddly toys

Teddies and soft toys

The 'friends' babies make early often go with them everywhere. So if your little one has a favourite teddy or soft toy, be sure to buy a duplicate in case it gets lost, damaged or needs a wash.

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