Bimuno Bimuno TRAVELAID 30 high fibre pastilles. Targeted digestive nutrition* when travelling.

We understand that the digestive system sits at the core of our being.
Of course that's not our original idea. It goes all the way back to the ancient Greeks! A few thousand years later, back in 2004, we built on this knowledge by starting our own great adventure. We encouraged some of the world's leading scientists to develop a unique targeted digestive nutrition* that feeds and encourages certain types of bacteria natural to our digestion, including the important bifidobacteria.
Bimuno is formulated to reach your lower intestine intact where it can help these bacteria flourish within just 7 days.**
Every time you travel, make sure you take Bimuno. Take 3 pastilles a day throughout your trip. Ideally start 7 days in advance.

*Targeted Digestive Nutrition: The Bimuno range consists of product containing a specifal fibre selected because it feeds friendly bacteria that live in your digestive system and make up an essential part of the digestive process. After only 7 days, Bimuno is working in harmony with your sigestive processes, providing nutrition for and increasing the numbers of these special bacteria for each user.
**Published scientific studies have shown that, with daily use, the majority of Bimuno users experienced an increase in their gut bifidobacteria levels within 7 days.

Targeted Digestive Nutrition: