Velour Velour Silk Lashes Momma Knows Best

Momma Knows Best - Natural-looking, three-dimensional lashes with added volume and length on the outer corners; pairs perfectly with a winged liner. These long-lasting silk styles can be worn up to 20 times per pair, so you can live in lashes.

The most comfortable, natural looking and easy to apply lashes on the market. Get ready to live in lashes. 100% Cruelty free. Velour Lashes are made with the finest materials, created for comfort and longevity. The flexible cotton thread lash band allows for a seamless application and lightweight comfort. Velour Lashes mimic your natural lashes like no other providing you with added volume and natural length. Free from chemical processing and dyes, Velour Lashes are hypoallergic and sterilized so even the most sensitive eyes can wear them.