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We opened our doors in 1925 as the UK’s original health spa.

From the very first day, we’ve been driven by the simple belief that lasting beauty and wellbeing come from good health, and we want to share the benefits of this approach with the world. For 90 years, we’ve put every drop of our knowledge into everything we do, constantly developing new products and treatments that couple our founding values with the latest ingredients and formulations to create the ultimate experience, whether at our spas or in your own home.

We are the only health spa that trains its therapists from scratch to nationally accredited standards, and all the products used by those therapists at our spas are the very same ones that you can experience at home.

So whether you’re at a Champneys spa or using the range at home, you’ll feel the benefit of our unrivalled heritage and expertise in every product, providing you a personal treatment that will not only feel good but do good too. 

That’s the original health spa experience.


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Introducing the newest range to the Champneys indulgence bathing family, Heavenly Days. A well-earned pampering moment can be sheer bliss. Infused with fragrances reminding you of an English country garden including lavender, geranium and calming chamomile, our Heavenly Days collection will help to relax your body and mind whilst moisturising your skin.

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At Champneys, we’ve been treating our guests for over 90 years. We revive the appearance of skin using rich and highly beneficial sea extracts: seaweed, sea salt and sea algae to help draw out surface impurities and help skin glow. Each of our products are bursting with scent, containing a blend of oils including patchouli, cedar and black pepper.

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