Bringing Baby Home

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Bringing Baby Home

Discover all those essential bits you might need when you bring baby home for the first time.

Bringing Baby Home

Discover all those essential bits you might need when you bring baby home for the first time.

It's exciting to go shopping when you're expecting, but remember: you don't have to fill your trolley and empty your bank account buying every baby product under the sun. During those first few days at home just remember to stick with the basics to help make life easier for you and baby.

Bringing baby home: feeding

Breastfeeding gives your baby the best possible start in life and if that's what you choose, then you shouldn't need too much else for feeding. However, there are a few basic bits that can help make feeding as stress-free as possible. For example, a good collection of Muslin cloths can help keep both you and baby clean - you'll probably need one per feed in the early days - and breast pads can help with any little leaks you might experience between feeds.

When you're ready you might decide to express some milk, so that dad can help with night time feeds, and if so, you may express by hand or need to use a breast pump . There are quite a few different styles to choose from, including manual, electric, single or double - have a think about how often you might use it, and maybe talk to a healthcare professional who can help you decide which is the best option for you.

Bringing baby home: sleep and travel basics

You'll most likely have already bought the cot for your nursery, but in the early days, you'll probably want to keep baby close to you, even while they're sleeping. A Moses Basket can help your baby feel secure, as it's a lot smaller than a cot, and you can move it around the house with you, as well as have it by your bed at night time. You may not think you're going to use a dummy , but some babies need to suck more to soothe themselves, so it might be worth buying a couple before the birth, just in case.

Depending on how much you're planning on travelling with your new little one it is a legal requirement to use a car seat. For very young babies you'll need a group 0-0+ (or stage one), where baby is rearward facing . You can take a look at our guide to car seats for more options. Why not also take a look at our customer guide to pushchairs for other flexible travel options.

Bringing baby home: new mum

Bringing baby home for the first time is life changing, and exhausting, but there are some small things you can do that can help you feel more human. Simple things can really make a difference in the early days of being a mum: for example, forget the ironing while baby is sleeping and grab a nap yourself. Enjoying a cup of tea while it's still hot can sometimes seem impossible, but try and take the opportunity while you can; and enjoying a long soak in the bath may not be realistic in those early weeks, but there are some lovely, pampering shower gels out there and a hot, invigorating shower may help you recharge those batteries!

Bringing baby home: a few other essentials

  • Suitable from birth nappies and wipes
  • A collection of vests and baby grows or body suits
  • Extra clothing such as scratch mittens
  • If your baby is going to be born outside of the summer months, invest in some outdoor clothing for them, so that you can go for walks, however short, to give you both some fresh air and change of scenery.

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