Light therapy for wellbeing

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Light therapy for wellbeing

If you suffer from the "winter blues" or just need an energy boost, find out how Lumie light therapy may help.


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Exposure to light can affect both mood and energy levels. Therefore, light therapy can help some sleep problems and seasonal affective disorder (SAD).

We all have days when our energy levels are low and our ability to concentrate is lacking. If you need some "get up and go" then light therapy can help give you the quick boost you need.

However, it can also be used daily to safely relieve the symptoms of "winter blues" and seasonal affective disorder.

Why is light so important?

A large part of our basic behaviour and biology follows a 24-hour cycle. The sleep/wake cycle is the most obvious one but others such as body temperature, hormone production, cognitive performance and mood are all known to rise and fall during the day.

These circadian (daily) rhythms are regulated by the body's internal clock and exposure to sunlight keeps it synchronised to a 24-hour day.

For example, melatonin is a hormone produced by the body that is important for maintaining a regular sleep cycle. When it's sunny or there's a lot of artificial light, melatonin production is low. As light starts to fade, production goes up. Melatonin levels tell our body what time of day it is so it can react accordingly.

However, lack of sunshine, poor lighting and working unsocial hours can easily disrupt our circadian rhythm and this misaligned body clock is sometimes the reason we feel lethargic and find it hard to concentrate.

How light therapy can help

Lumie light therapy is a safe, natural and simple way to help improve your feeling of health and wellbeing. By helping to keep your body clock on track, it can also help provide an effective solution to some sleep problems and other circadian rhythm issues.

You may want to consider using light therapy when you want to feel more energised and positive. Light therapy can help:

  • Improve mood, alertness and concentration quickly and safely
  • Boost energy to make you feel more awake
  • Effectively treat "winter blues" and SAD (seasonal affective disorder)
  • Regulate your circadian rhythms
  • Promote more regular sleep patterns, even when travelling
  • Wake you up so you feel refreshed and positive

How can Lumie help?

Light therapy doesn't have to take any extra time, you can use it while you get on with day-to-day activities. For example, you can have your SAD light on while watching TV, eating a meal or working at your desk; or you could choose a Bodyclock dawn simulator that works while you're asleep.

Dawn simulators

Dawn simulators wake you up with gradually increasing light to help you get off to a bright start. At the end of the day, a slowly fading sunset helps you relax and unwind, ready for sleep. There are five Bodyclock dawn simulators to choose from, each with different features.

Lumie Arabica
Lightboxes and desk lights

If you suffer with SAD, you might benefit from summer levels of light all year round to help lift your mood and restore natural energy.

You can provide this in your own home, using either a lightbox such as the Lumie Arabica or Pharos units. A quick session before you shoot off for work will help set you up for the day, although a daily 90-minute session is recommended to help effectively reduce symptoms of SAD.

If you're able to sit in front of your light at work, Lumie Brightspark or Lumie Desklamp can be used to treat your winter blues/SAD symptoms while you work.

LED devices

You can also use Lumie when you're on the move. Lumie LED SADlight and Lumie Zip use LEDs so they're much smaller and portable, ideal for taking to and from work or even when travelling. Light therapy is a great way to help regulate sleeping patterns when travelling in different time zones, to help you get the most from your trip.

All Lumie products are based on scientific research and comply with the Medical Devices Directive.

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