Eylure false eyelash application tips

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Eylure false eyelash application tips

Master the perfect false lash application with a little help from the experts at Eylure.

Put an end to fiddly false lash application attempts with Eylure's step-by-step guide to quick, easy and hassle-free false eyelash application. From applying them to removing them, it's all covered here.


Step 1: Create the perfect fit

Eylure lashes are designed to be cut to size so don't panic if they appear longer than your natural lashes. Our top tip for a really good fit: Hold the lashes up to your eye (before applying the glue), mark where to cut them with your thumb and trim the false lash accordingly using scissors.

Step 1

Step 2: Add your Eylure lash glue

All Eylure false lash kits include Eylure lash glue and a glue applicator. Easy to apply, the glue holds your false lashes in place for day-long wear. Using the applicator supplied, apply a thin line of glue to the false lash line (do not use the applicator on the eye itself) and wait about 30 seconds, until the glue changes colour slightly. Your lashes are now ready to apply.

Step 3: Applying your Eylure lashes

Application may, at first, take a little time, but don't worry about mistakes; with Eylure lashes you can practise as much as you want. If you do make a mistake, simply remove your false lash, pick off any dried glue and reapply, repeating the process as many times as you need until you get it right.

Step 2

How to apply

In front of a mirror, look down and close the eye you're applying the false lash to. Using tweezers for the initial application, position the false lashes slightly above your natural lashes and press into place. Adjust with tweezers or your fingers. Firmly press the false lashes on the outside of your eye for a few seconds. Any visible glue will dry clear and disappear. Voila! A beautiful set of full, fluttery false eyelashes.

Step 1

Step 4: Removing your false lashes

Eylure false lashes are applied using a latex glue, making them easy to remove by gently pulling them away from the eye. If you've bonded your lashes together using mascara, use a gentle make up remover to remove the mascara first. Any glue residue should come away when you remove your eye make up.


To mascara or not to mascara?

Eylure lashes are very strong and can be reused. If you plan to reuse yours, avoid using mascara on them (feel free to give your natural lashes a couple of coats, though!). If your lashes are for one-off wear, however, adding mascara is a brilliant way to temporarily bond your natural and false lashes, giving a seamless finish.

Make up, first!

False lashes should be the finishing touch to your look, but extra eyeliner and mascara can be added at the end to give a final flawless finish. Be aware that oily or creamy eyeliner and eye shadow may interfere with the adhesion of your false lashes.


  • TIP 1: Unsure about applying false lashes? Start with Eylure's exclusive Ready to Wear self-adhesive lashes, which can be adjusted on the eye again and again until perfect.

  • TIP 2: One pair of false lashes can be worn multiple times. Always store yours on the lash tray supplied to keep them safe. Remove any glue residue from the lashes using tweezers to ensure they're pristine for your next application.

  • TIP 3: Want lashes that last all weekend? Try Eylure Individual Lashes, available in brown and black, for a beautiful flutter without the need for nightly removal.

  • TIP 4: From natural-looking lashes to full-on glamour lashes, there are plenty of Eylure false lash styles to choose from. Browse the full range, choose the look you want and grab the style that best suits you.

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