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Celebrity Slim Testimonials

Three women tell us their experience of using the Celebrity Slim diet programme and the benefits they gained from changing their diet.

It's often hard finding a diet that not only helps you lose weight effectively but also fits in with your lifestyle.

Three Celebrity Slim customers tell us their stories of how they benefited from using the Celebrity Slim diet programme and the fantastic results they achieved while still being able to get on with their lives.

Katie Nichol's story

Katie decided to use the Celebrity Slim diet programme after having her second child. She had gone from a size 8 to a size 14 and was determined to lose the extra weight, but also needed something that fitted in with her life as a busy mum of two.

Katie says, "I found that Celebrity Slim fitted in really well with my lifestyle. It was so convenient and being able to eat real food while feeding a family was perfect"

Katie also enjoyed networking with other users of Celebrity Slim through the Celebrity Slim UK & Ireland Facebook page. She says, "It's hard being new to any diet but I found all the help and support I needed from other like-minded dieters. The encouragement we give each other is really motivating."

Even Katie's mum has benefitted from Katie doing the diet programme. Katie says, "My mum stopped smoking after 36 years and gained about three stone. Once she started to see my weight loss with Celebrity Slim and then tasted the fruit and nut breakfast bar she was hooked!

Katie lost an amazing three stone in six months and is thrilled with the results. "I would recommend Celebrity Slim to anyone wanting to lose weight and get back into their old jeans."

Andrea Campbell-Jackson's Story

Andrea had tried various different diet plans in the past but none of them had worked for her. Although doing a lot of sports, it was her eating habits that needed changing (not helped by her job as a cake decorator!) So she turned to Celebrity Slim.

Andrea says "I'd put on a stone in six months, but, after using Celebrity Slim, my BMI is now below 25 and I'm now a size 10 and I've not been that since I was at senior school! I feel healthy and amazing"

Louise Isherwood's Story

Louise decided to use Celebrity Slim after having her baby girl had left her with a body she didn't feel happy with anymore.

Louise says, "After having my little girl, my baby belly took over - together with the hips, bingo wings?basically everywhere needed attention. My dress size was going up and up and I just felt so miserable and frumpy"

One of the things Louise loved about Celebrity Slim was that you could still have three meals as well as snacks while on the programme so you don't feel as hungry. She says, "I used to pile my plate high and was stuck in a mind-set that I had to finish the plate. I now realise I wasn't listening to my stomach telling me it was full. Since I've been on Celebrity Slim I don't feel hungry at all and my portion size now is a lot healthier than it used to be"

Louise achieved her goal weight of 9st 12lbs and she now enjoys a much more active, healthy lifestyle. She says, "It's a great feeling going into my wardrobe and thinking I can wear that and feel great in it. Now I feel like I actually want to go out more. I love going for walks to the beach with my daughter and don't dread putting a bikini on!"

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