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Fairtrade: How it Works

Find out how Fairtrade works and how you – and your beauty regime – can get involved.


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We've all heard of Fairtrade, and we all know it means 'good' things. But what exactly does it mean for you and your beauty products?

At Boots we had a couple of goals in mind when launching our own range of skincare products, Extracts, in 2009. The first was to provide you with range of quality and natural products, and the second was to further our commitment to Fairtrade and ensure that our suppliers were earning a liveable wage.

Fairtrade isn't just about paying a fair price; it is an entirely different way of doing business, helping people in the world's most underprivileged communities escape poverty and promote sustainability.

What is a Fairtrade co-operative?

A Fairtrade co-operative works to secure the price of products such as cocoa beans, the vital ingredient in Cocoa Butter, ensuring that farmers get a fixed amount for their produce. This means that, regardless of the global market, the farmers of products like cocoa beans are guaranteed a stable income.In some co-operatives the farmers work together to form local producer associations, ensuring the co-operative is truly run for the benefit of its farmers and their families. This helps to guarantee that the profits are distributed fairly.

Who is the producer?

Boots has worked with its ingredient producers to trace the supply chain back to the original producers. The producer is the farmer who harvests the raw ingredients that go into your Fairtrade beauty products. For example, the cocoa beans used in Extracts, are sourced from a Dominican Republic farming co-operative called Conocado.

What does Fairtrade mean for the producer?

The Fairtrade Foundation ensures that that the farmers are paid a fair price, plus an additional social premium to invest in their communities.

This guarantees that producers earn enough to cover the cost of sustainable production – in other words, making sure they have enough money to carry on producing the product.

This means even the poorest, weakest producers receive a fair income and can improve their lives. Fairtrade encourage any profit to be re-invested back into the local community, for things such as water irrigation tanks, education, and to see to medical needs.

But that's not all...

As well as benefiting the supplier, Fairtrade products are also good news for you, the consumer.

What does Fairtrade mean for you?

Fairtrade demands that certain standards are met by producers, ensuring you always receive quality Fairtrade products that have been independently certified.

So when you're scrubbing up with your favourite Extracts Cocoa Butter Sugar Scrub, or indulging with your Extracts Cocoa Butter Body Butter, you can be sure that you are using a Fairtrade product with high quality ingredients.

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