Say Hello to Younger Skin - Be a Body Clock Cheat

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Say Hello to Younger Skin - Be a Body Clock Cheat!

Forget 'face focused' anti-ageing - beauty insiders know the real secret to looking younger is to be a body clock cheat.

 Katie Campbell

Katie Campbell

Beauty Editor

Published 1st September 2008

Forget ‘face focused’ anti-ageing – beauty insiders know the real secret to looking younger is to manage the bigger picture. Here’s how to be a body clock cheat.

Think ‘neck down’ skincare

If you’ve adopted a ‘neck up’ anti-ageing routine with a face-only focus, you could be missing a trick when it comes to looking younger. “The neck, chest and hands are the tell-tale body parts to an individual’s true age,” says A-list beauty guru Ole Henriksen who believes skincare shouldn’t stop at the chin. To keep an all-over youthful appearance, “the neck and chest should be treated in the same manner as the face,” says Ole. His advice? “Extend your facial skincare products, like serums and day creams all the way down from the neck to the chest.” 

Turn Back Time Kit: Olay 3-Point Treatment Cream

Don’t skimp on protection

Don't be tempted to saturate your face with sun protection yet skimp on other exposed areas like your hands, neck and chest. “These areas are as important as the face and will age quicker than other body areas like legs, tummy and arms,” warns facialist and body-guru-to-the-stars, Nichola Joss. If you want to prevent age spots, lines and accelerated ageing, get into the habit of applying protection daily to the hands, neck and chest. “Look at an SPF of 50 for these areas; you’ll still tan, but slowly and carefully, and you’ll be less likely to burn,” says Nichola.

Try: Ambre Solaire Moisturising Protection Spray SPF 50 .

Don’t ‘fast-forward’ gravity droop

Nature needs no help accelerating the ageing process, so don’t fast forward it by ‘dragging’ your neck downwards when applying your skincare products. For anti-gravity benefits and to encourage great tone, use an upward sweeping motion to the neck, instead, says Ole. Then, when applying cream from the collar bone to the chest, “apply vigorous horizontal strokes using the entire palm of your hand to enhance circulation,” he says.

Go easy on the fake tan

“Too dark a fake tan is very ageing and should be avoided at all costs,” says Nichola Joss. “However a glowing fake tan is very flattering and reduces the appearance of stretchmarks, improving skin texture all round.” Keeping a fake tan looking tip-top takes maintenance, but it’s worth it. “Deeper fake tans tend to give more texture and tone to the body, making contours more flattering, but keeping them looking great means weekly attention, regular exfoliation, body brushing and double applications of a medium-coloured fake tan.

Polish and hydrate

Cell turnover slows with age and consequently older bodies may look duller. Simply by exfoliating to reveal fresh new skin cells, you can give your body a brighter, more youthful appearance. “Body scrubs provide wonderful anti-ageing benefits because they stimulate circulation, tone and firm the body tissue,” says Ole. “I recommend using one twice a week.” For a much-needed moisture boost (older skin tends to be drier) and a youthful gleam, follow with a rich body cream after you’ve exfoliated. We like Sanctuary Body Butter.

Best body buffers: Origins Ginger Body Scrub ,

Adopt ‘ageless’ body language

Is your body language speaking volumes about your age? To drop years, stand tall, improve your posture and increase your flexibility. “The first thing that you notice in a young woman is bubbly energy and erect posture,” notes Ole. By mimicking this, you’ll drop years – and look slimmer in the process. For a helping hand, sign up to yoga, pilates or gymnastics “which are great for encouraging younger body language,” says Ole.

What’s making you look older?

One of the biggest ageing giveaways, the neck is a tricky area to treat. A specialist cream, like Olay 3-Point Treatment Cream, which is targeted at the neck, jawline and eyes, and contains Olay’s special amino-peptide formula, will give you a head start against ageing. But don’t forget your sun protection!

Products: Olay 3-Point Treatment Cream

Prone to sun damage, dry skin and age spots, hands can show the wear and tear of age. A hand cream with SPF will protect and nourish. Ingredients like liquorice and mulberry help encourage dark spots to fade.

Products: No 7 Protect & Perfect Hand Cream .

Teeth naturally discolour with age; a good electric toothbrush can help keep teeth looking brighter and stain-free for longer. Alternatively, invest in a whitening toothpaste.

Products: Oral B Triumph 500 Electric Toothbrush with Smart Guide . Blanx Intense Stain Removal Toothpaste .

Crinkly décolletage  
Lines and age spots are a common chest complaint as this area is ripe for sun exposure. UVA/UVB protection will help prevent more damage while gentle exfoliation and regular moisturising will help promote a more youthful appearance.

Products: This Works perfect cleavage firming lotion

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