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Beauty Uncovered

WrittenbyKatie Campbellon01/09/2008

Get The Hair You've Always Wanted

Bye-bye bad hair days! From bounce and volume to glossy shine, your good hair days start here.

Super-star shine

The starting point for glossy, shampoo-ad shine? Healthy, conditioned hair. “The softer and more conditioned the hair is, the more shiny it will look,” says hair pro James Brown. Naturally curly, wavy or textured hair, along with damaged and chemically-treated hair will need extra TLC to boost shine, says James. “Hair that’s chemically treated or styled daily with irons will have a harder time because the cuticle is disrupted.” But don’t panic, you can still enjoy a shine boost. “Focus on getting your hair in the best condition you can and the shine will come,” says James who recommends choosing a shampoo and conditioner with natural oils like kuki nut oil and murumuru butter Try James Brown London Dry Hair Shampoo and Conditioner or high gloss conditioner . “Condition well daily and use a deep moisturising hair mask weekly; comb through with a fine tooth comb and leave on under a towel for at least 10 minutes,” he says.

Sleek and fuzz-free

It’s true: sleek, frizz-free hair is all down to the blow-dry. But you don’t have to toil
away for hours – James has a handy trick for serving up sleek hair without the arm-exhausting blow-dry. “Blast-dry the majority of your hair, with the exception of the top layer and fringe. These are the important areas you’ll want to put all your effort into.” Then, using a top quality hairdryer and brush to smooth out the hair, “start to blow-dry the sides, the fringe and then the back,” says James. To give your hair a head start, find a shampoo and conditioner specific to your hair type and use a moisturising hair mask like James Brown London Intensive Mask , for ten minutes beforehand. “This will deep condition and soften the hair before styling,” says James.

Style that holds invisibly – without stickiness

Gunky, rigid, helmet hair? For invisible styling, use a maximum of two styling products at one time, advises James, and never apply straight to the hair. “Apply to your hands first, then pull through or massage into the hair so you have more control over how much you’re using and where you are using it.” Lastly, consider your styling spray’s nozzle. “The nozzle controls how much product is released which can mean the difference between invisible or sticky styling,” says James, whose James Brown London effortless hold has an extra fine nozzle for gentle misting. “It makes all the difference,” says James.

Volume, body and movement

News just in! The right shampoo and conditioner can help boost volume. Look for a shampoo with volumising or thickening properties (try James Brown London Fine Hair Shampoo ). “Keep the shampoo in your hair for 2-3 minutes and conditioner in for up to 5 minutes before washing out, to really benefit from the ingredients,” advises James. Next, apply a very light application of volumising spray or mousse to damp roots. “Blast the hair until nearly dry then start blow-drying the top layer of hair with a brush, paying particular attention to the roots. Finish blow-drying your hair upside-down for extra volume. Then smooth down and spray with fine hairspray all over,” says James. His tip: keep a super-fine hairspray with you during the day; when hair is looking flat, brush through and spray again.

Frizz-free curls

“Curls look best when hair isn’t freshly washed, which is when they’re prone to frizz,” says James who, having curly hair himself, knows a thing or two about managing curls. “To get the best out of your curls, wash your hair every other day, but wet and condition it every day with a curl-enhancing conditioner to revive and smooth curls (try James Brown London Phot Fabulous wave spray ). It’s best to leave curly hair to dry naturally and then work the curls through with your fingers. My tip is to love the fact your hair is beautifully temperamental by not expecting it to look the same every day.”

Dream hair secret weapons

Mousse: “Great for volume and long-lasting hold, mousse is great for defining natural curls or building body in fine hair,” says James. “To use, apply a small ball of foam to the palm of hands and apply through the hair, concentrating on the under layers of hair first. Use anything left in your hand for the top layer, then dry and style as usual.”

Serum: “I love the effect of serum; it gives hair that final polish and glossiness, but most people use too much, making hair look lank or greasy. Ideal serums come in a spray format, so you can control the amount of product. Apply to fingers first (never straight onto hair) and work the smallest amount through the length (never roots) of the hair,” says James. Try James Brown London Serum

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