The science behind the Atkins diet plan

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The science behind the Atkins diet plan

Find out more about the theory behind
the new, evolved Atkins diet plan and the
continuing research into achieving a
healthier lifestyle through a balanced
eating programme.

The Atkins diet plan is based on a balanced eating plan. More than 50 studies have recently been published highlighting the safety and effectiveness of the Atkins diet. Read more here

The Atkins diet is one rooted in the theory of eating fewer refined carbohydrates and refined sugars, which are referred to as 'bad' carbs. The new and evolved diet is a balanced eating plan designed for people to adopt throughout their life, it's not a 'quick-fix' solution.

The diet has been designed with an in-built flexibility so that people can choose the best approach for them based on factors such as:

  • Age
  • Gender
  • Level of physical activity
  • Metabolic rate

This new diet plan is not an 'all you can eat – bacon, egg and cheese diet', nor is it a 'no carbs diet' or a high protein diet; it is a balanced diet incorporating all of the major food groups. Of course, to achieve a truly healthy lifestyle, a balanced diet should be incorporated with regular exercise.

History of the Atkins diet

The thinking behind the Atkins diet began in 1963; Dr. Robert C. Atkins began to formalise an approach to the control of carbohydrate intake as part of a balanced diet after studying a series of articles published in the Journal of the American Medical Association that supported this theory.

Troubled by the increasing trend for obesity among his patients as well as within the wider U.S. population, Dr. Atkins found how eating the right foods while limiting refined carbohydrates in a diet refocused a person's body from carb-burning to fat-burning. This in turn, led to successful weight loss in many instances as well as improvements in many weight-related health issues. It was from this thinking that the Atkins Nutritional Approach was borne.

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